Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mmm...Epic Hammer

I picked up an [Earthshaker] in Molten Core today. I was kind of surprised I won it, as I was in the middle of the pack for DKP. I guess the other paladins are waiting for Lawbringer pieces.

I'm pondering respeccing to take advantage of the proc. As it's a stun, I could Judgement of Command for extra damage. However, I'm currently 30/21/0 for Blessing of Sanctuary and raid healing. If I kept Sanctuary (I'm the only paladin in the guild who has it), I could do something like 14/21/16. Or I could forget about Sanctuary and go for a more normal Holy/Retribution build.

(Another option is a Reckoning build, but I really dislike Reckoning.)

As well, I need to enchant it. I'm currently using a 1H and shield (non-epic) inside MC, but I could put +22 Int on the [Earthshaker] and use that as my primary raid weapon. I could also just forget about it in raids and put a combat enchant on it for farming or PvP.

Of course, I actually need gold to do any of this, so its all theoretical at this point. :)


  1. Gratz on the hammer.

    I actually have a holy protection build also (I'm also the only 1 with blessing of sanc in my guild).

    I really miss having SoComm. The proc is nice, and the damage from a stun judge is really cool.

    However, in situations where I find myself creeping up in the damage meters is not from melee damage, wacking away with a 2 hander. It's in situations where I can AOE consecrate like crazy. All that holy damage on multiple targets really adds up.

  2. My Shaman just won this hammer. Now that he's respecc'd to Enhancement (0/28/23) he can put it to use in Battlegrounds. It's got a nice Crusader enchant on it.

    For raiding I use a Staff of Dominance on which I put a nice +55 Healing enchant. I can still heal just as well as before, despite the respec from Resto (0/11/40).

    And I keep a Sorcerous Dagger around for when I have to pick up a shield and actually defend myself.

  3. Put a combat enchantment on it. In combat you can swap out weapons and sheilds so you keep a healing set and a combat set.

  4. Yeah...probably best not to use it in raids. Thought it just seems wrong to use blues when I could be using a purple. :)

    Maybe I'll bring it out for trash mobs, and revert to shield/1H for bosses.

    Now then, what enchant? I have Crusader on another weapon, and I don't really like it. Not reliable enough for me, and always seemed to proc on the killing blow, which annoyed me. +25agi, +15str, +9dmg?

  5. In terms of a Paladin... probably Spellpower.