Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gorgeous MC Run Today

7 Paladins. 8 Bosses. 3 Hours. 0 Wipes. 1 Portal/Summon chain to get an Aqual Quintessence to put out the last rune.

(Yeah, we're noobs. :) )

I didn't get any loot but it was a ton of fun. The raid leader apparently decided that we were good enough, and started chain pulling like crazy. I don't think I was out of combat at all for the first 20 minutes. I only died once, I think, on Gehennas where I took a 3k Shadowbolt fairly early. I don't think I've ever survived that fight, for some reason. No idea what I'm doing wrong.

I ran around with my [Earthshaker] for the first half, and it was a great deal of fun. Too bad everything in MC is immune to stuns. Though now that I think about it, this could have been really bad during Lucifron when I was Mind Controlled ([Earthshaker] has an AoE stun proc). I'll have to remember that for next time.

The more I run with this guild, the more I feel that paladins meleeing is the best way to go for an Alliance raid. If our paladins had all been standing back and spamming Flash of Light, I think it would have gone much slower and not nearly as cleanly.

Also, a random thought about damage meters. I think an absolute ranking is misleading. For example, in today's raid, the #1 guy had slightly more than 5% of the total damage, and the #10 guy had slightly less than 5%. With such a small spread like that, position is very misleading. I think a much better metric would be % of the #1 person's damage. Someone being position #15 isn't that much of a problem if she's doing 90% of the top person's damage, but it is potentially an issue if she's doing 40%.

But then again, I don't think this guild cares too much about damage meters. As long as we're killing everything, life is good.


  1. I think the main problem with the paladin community is that they choose either extreme heals or extreme dps. Meaning that critadins run around in warrior gear and are at the point where they dont have the mana to heal or cleanse at all, while healadins run around in all lawbringer, incapable of doing damage.

  2. I agree with Coriel that Paladins should be meleeing. However, many Paladins either...

    1. Lack the self control to stop attacking when his/her teammates need help.

    2. Lack the vigilance to notice that his/her teammates need help in the first place.

    Many people think playing a Paladin is EZmode. However I completely disagree. Playing a hybrid right requires more than just focusing on 1 speciality. Paladins who are not up to the challenge deserve their heal/cleanse-bot role imo.

  3. It's not a self control issue but a focus issue. I've been in MC fights where I've switch roles from DPS to Healer to Tank (Lava pack pull gone horribly wrong) and it's a very differant set of tasks. How you use your mana is very differant. DPSing you burn through it. Healing you worry more about timing and tanking is all about using it in the most effective manner. There is a reason that all three playstyles require differant gear. ;)

    There are alot of other issues as well. I tend to raid with a cluttered UI. I have SCT showing my damage/healing. I have the emergency monitor up, I have the CTRA groups up. I'm watching HPS on the damage meter. (It's so I can see who is running out of mana. It's not accurate but I can get a feel when someone is running out. It's how you look like a super hero when priests/druids run out of mana. )
    My UI is discord with all of my skills showing. It's alot of input to watch and parse.

    And it's really easy to get lost in all of that data. Hell, I know plenty of rogues who get lost in watching thier cooldowns and don't feint. And I don't blame paladins for choosing one or another. After 7 hours in BWL, I have a headache.

  4. That's the thing. I don't think you need to focus all that much on doing damage to still be effective. We're not rogues who need to punch buttons constantly.

    Run in, judge, Seal. That's usually all the attention you need to put into damage. Then you can just cleanse and heal as needed. You don't need to stop attacking to help your team.

    Sure, you may only be doing 80% of the damage you could be doing, but it's good enough.

  5. Eh, timing conscrate spam, seal/judge every eight seconds, holy shock....we have some options. But it's a matter of focus. Even with our limited tool set, it's still very possible to get into a tunnel vision setting. It's even easier when you relax due to a "trival" mob.