Monday, June 12, 2006

Soulstones and PvP

I have a warlock alt on a PvP server. One of the interesting/annoying things about warlocks is that if you are killed in world PvP, you will almost always have your corpse camped.

Why? Because they know you have a soulstone. They are just waiting for you to resurrect, and they'll kill you again. You can't even release and run back, because they'll still be waiting at your body. It becomes a waiting game between them and the release timer.

So what does a warlock do? Personally, I minimize WoW, open a web browser, and make a blog entry.

1 comment:

  1. I remember one time in Duskwood.. a horde warlock had sneaked into the graveyard to have a little fun pvp. I managed to kill him but then he popped right back up, stacked curses on me and ran. I was still wounded from the previous battle so I bought the farm... It is much safer to make sure the warlock doesn't pop up again.

    From a warlock's perspective it would be nice to select respawn point to avoid campers...