Friday, October 27, 2006

Razorgore Down!

And we start our march into Blackwing Lair. No paladin loot dropped, as usual.

Razorgore is a neat fight. Aside from the actual mechanics of the fight, its placement is very interesting.

In many ways, Razorgore is one of the most complex fights in BWL, and to have it as the very first encounter is a real shock. It's like Blizzard is putting the raid on notice, "This is NOT Molten Core. It's a brand new game." It sets the tone for the whole instance.

It is an unexpected decision in many ways, and I have a lot of respect for Blizzard for structuring BWL in this manner. A more conventional decision would have been to have a steady ramp up in complexity. Instead, having a very complex fight first forces raiders to shake off the complacency of Molten Core, and stretch their abilities in new directions.


  1. Congratulations! We've had a few attempts at him - on our best go, we had only two eggs left in Phase 1. I think that we'll be going BWL more in the near future, starting next weekend.

    As for starting out with a hard boss - my guild always assumed that it was due to the ease at getting attuned for BWL. Blizzard didn't want everyone and their brother running around in Tier 2 gear, so if you make the first boss hard, that is an effective way to only allow the groups in that truely deserver to be there.

  2. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious. I've done MC, ZG, AQ20 countless times. I've done AQ40 once up to Huhu. Of all that time, I've never been able to sneak my way into BWL. I want to go through that place once just to see it.

    Lucky, and congrats!

  3. Could you publish the tactic you used? Please? :)
    We've downed Razorgore twice, far between, and with countless wipes in between. Since the last time we've wiped many times, never quite getting it right.
    It's like the tactic we use is borderline - almost works if all is perfect, but any small thing can mess it up.

    Cheers, and GL with Vael! :)

  4. I posted the strat we used above.