Monday, January 01, 2007

New Looking For Group System

I've been playing a couple of alts over the holidays. One is a 38 Priest on Skywall, and the other is a 36 Druid on Bronzebeard. Both are Alliance, and are specced for healing. But they've had a vastly different experience when using the new LFG system.

Since both characters are roughly the same level, faction, and role, it's interesting that there is such a disparity. I tend to be looking for Scarlet Monastery runs.

On Skywall, I flag myself as looking for SM - Library, and I get a full group within a minute or so. Though none of my groups have had the "optimum" make-up[1], they all function pretty well, and we clear the instance. My priest has an [Illusionary Rod] and a [Whitemane's Chapeau] (even though I can't wear the hat yet).

On Bronzebeard, I flag myself as looking for SM - Library, and I can't get a group at all. Maybe after 15 minutes, another person will join the party, but I have yet to actually get a run going. And this is for Scarlet Monastery, which is one of the most popular instances!

So for some reason, the LFG system is doing fine on Skywall, but has failed to achieve the critical mass needed on Bronzebeard.

To be honest, I've never really had the terrible experiences with pick-up groups that so many other people seem to have had. I really like this new system, as it saves me time and effort. However, it needs more people to use it.

If this tool had been in the game from the very beginning, I think it would have been a resounding success. But now, a lot of people are nervous about changing their habits. Perhaps with the introduction of the Burning Crusade, a lot more people will start using the tool, and it will be effective for everyone.

Heh, maybe Blizzard should give a small bonus in gold or xp if you are in a group formed by the tool. A Pick-Up Group bonus, if you will.

[1]Yay for druid and paladin tanking. Of course, it's helped by the fact that I'm playing a primary healer, which converts almost any group into a reasonable one. :)


  1. I think the difference you noted was because priests are always in demand, while other classes are not :)
    I don't remember but I think there is an option for comments in the LFG UI? You could add a comment such as "Druid-healer", see what happens.

  2. It's not because of that. On Skywall, there are usually two or three proto-groups you can see on the LFM menu.

    On Bronzebeard, there are zero. Maybe 1 with like 2 people in it.

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  4. Great blog. When I saw it I wanted to make my own. I only hope to reach ur quaility too. GL

  5. My very worst PUGs have been (several) SM groups.
    There's just something "special" about SM, I guess.

    We could have used you in SM if you'd been on Rexxar / Horde at the right time.
    Two separate times I was in groups trying to 'make do' with a healer who wouldn't heal; wasting mana on shadow spells (I know the sound) while our life bars dropped to dangerous levels while the priest went OOM. I mean, a mind flay on a runner is one thing, but wipes because the healer didn't ever cast a healing spell is ridiculous. Carry a wand!
    And wipes in SM mean "do-over" because of the respawn rate, so it's pretty rough. The 'best' one was a wipe on Herod because the healer tried to dps him down from the get-go, went OOM, and the tank died, etc, etc, etc, etc, good night.

    Historically, my experience with a priest is that I get cold invites to instances every so often.
    On the other hand, my feral druid has a tough time finding a group, and he's almost always assigned to be the main healer.