Sunday, March 04, 2007


Finally hit 70 today in Blade's Edge Mountains. I ended up doing the entire run using rested XP. I haven't seen most of Blade's Edge, Netherstorm, or Shadowmoon yet.

I did run down to Shadowmoon and picked up my white gryphon. Pretty cool, even if I have almost no gold yet.

Now, I just have to get keyed for Kazarahan.


  1. Grats on 70!

    (It's looking like it will be a while before I have a 70...)

  2. Gratz! With those 2 zones and part of blade's edge left you will have enough gold to get the epic mount.

    oh and gl on the karazan key. I have been stuck on the Black Morass for about 3 weeks now. Cant seem to find a group that is able to complete it.

  3. Sorry I missed it. It's been bat crap crazy here at work. I'm wiped enough I took a break to catch up.

    Great reads, as usual, GSH.