Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pickup Group Weirdness

I was trying to do Mana Tombs yesterday. I finally got a halfway decent group consisting of a hunter, a priest, a druid, and a paladin (me). The group leader goes to look for a fifth. This is what I see in General chat:

[Group Leader]: LF1M Healer

Apparently, I was Protection, the priest was Shadow, and the druid Feral. And 3 of us wasn't good enough for the leader. Honestly, that's just crazy.


  1. Hehe, I went on a 5-man PuG with my level 61 priest to Blood Furnace. The party included a hunter who refused to use a pet. Seriously.
    Beat that :)

  2. I joined a 5 man PUG on my feral druid to do one of the outdoor 5 man mobs in shadowmoon valley. I get there and right after I buff the group charges the mob. They yell "Druid, heal the pets (hunter and warlock)!". They knew I was feral.

    Meanwhile the DW shaman was going to town DPSing. Well, until he died from pulling agg.

  3. I solo healed as shadow all the way to steamvaults and shadow lab and black morass. I did shadowlab with only a lock and 2 warriors and feral druid but we finished. I'm tired of morons who tell me how to play, or having to try to convince pugs I know what I'm doing.

    I finally respecced 2 days ago, botanica and shattered halls are too hard .. actually I just needed better gear. Of course, now they are nerfing botanica some so it may have been unnecessary :) I'm 30/31/0 now, which the armory lists as "hybrid" hmm..

  4. BC has convinced me that there were a ton of totally clueless lvl 60s out there. As a hunter, I weep seeing hunters refuse or feign ignorance on using traps. I also heard today a story of a hunter who didn't know what feign death was...

    I also boggle a bit at rogues who don't get imp sap for the level grind to 70. Its only 7 points people.

  5. There's a reason they call it PUGatory...