Monday, September 10, 2007

Time Management Article

Ciderhelm posted a superb article on the TankSpot forums: Time Management for Raiding Guilds.
For most people, thinking of the top tier of raiding guilds conjures thoughts of people who do nothing but play a computer game in a dark room somewhere. In fact, this is often not the case -- time for career, family, and friends are still very much a part of their lives.

The key is in time management.

It's very well written, and is very insightful. It also has tips on how a lower tier guild can take advantage of some of the time management techniques to improve their own progress.

Money Quote:
What players do not understand is how real a factor time is on the guild welfare as well as their own. Spending time gearing up for new content is almost never as well spent as time actually working on that content. This is especially true in the Burning Crusade, where stat differences and gear progression between Karazhan and Black Temple is relatively small; keep in mind that Nihilum cleared through Black Temple just 3 months after raiding began. Gear is good, but it is not key. [Emphasis mine]

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  1. Very interesting points made, and I'd tend to agree with the poster. If you down a new boss, odds are, every item dropped will be an upgrade to someone. Whereas if you take down a boss for the 83rd time, there's probably not many upgrades to be had.

    The example of 'burst' raiding is spot-on as well. With weekly re-sets getting all the way through one week, and then 'relaxing' the next makes sense. (If your raiders can handle it...)