Friday, November 16, 2007

The New Alterac Valley

I love the new Alterac Valley. The reinforcements mechanic is excellent.

In my first game (as Alliance), we swept down to Frostwolf Village in an old-school rush. It did not work out well, as the Horde recaptured the towers and graveyards behind us, and the waiting defense shredded our offense. So we went back on the defensive, but that ill-fated attack put us behind by 100 points or so. Finally, as the game wound down, we were losing 40-150, when our second offense managed to punch through and kill Drek'thar. It was a great, nail-biting game.

The best thing about the new AV is that healing feels so much more worthwhile. Intellectually, I know that healing is quite powerful, and keeping my team alive is the best strategy, but the cost of death used to be so low that it was hard to really see, especially when I could have more fun swinging a giant hammer. In the new AV, every player I save from death is another reinforcement that we have. The cost of death has increased, and that makes healing more valuable.

The new reinforcements mechanic would go very well with Warsong Gulch. If WSG had about 50-75 reinforcements, it would stop the stalemates that drag out forever. In general, I do think battlegrounds need a time-limit. Having alternate paths to victory is also important, as it allows you a variety of strategies, but one of the paths should be a time-limit. The reinforcements mechanic is a good one, as it increases the cost of death and makes people play more strategically.


  1. Amen! If WSG had a reinforcement mechanic, the world would be a better place. I've avoided that BG like the plague in fear of never-ending turtles.


  2. I agree! So much better, and I would love to see them do this with WSG. I might play it then.

  3. So that is what reinforcements for? That is a good idea! I thought it is the number of NPCs that are available LOL.

  4. My and my PVP buddies always run to SF on the opening minutes, to ensure that a forward GY is on its way (Horde like to cap SF sometimes, it is now a valid strat with Resources).

    After that, we take a detour route across the Field of Strife behind the Horde Offense and tag back SH Bunker. This invariably leads to small skirmishes (those who come back from SH GY and those who died and rez at IB GY), which is what makes AV really fun for me.

    Is it better? I couldn't really say, I do know it's different in terms of what you have to do to win, but from a fun/honor standpoint, I pretty much did the same thing pre-2.3.

  5. Hello there. I am new to this community. I play a human paladin Sungar who is not yet made.Seeing as i have never successfully completed a AV i can not say anything except this .You are right about the time limit.I have been stuck in over an hour long WSG and maybe a hour and half is insane and i get tired of it easily.

  6. I still haven't had a chance to run any AV's since the patch. I'm looking forward to it, but I think I'm in for some shock therapy from what I've heard.

  7. Tactics are changing a lot with the introduction of reinforcements and I think it would be a great idea to add it to WSG.

    On the other hand I've heard about people getting trapped at graveyards in Alterac Valley where the opposing side doesn't cap it and instead just kills the small groups of people as they spawn.

  8. In BG6 we're having the problem listed by the poster above. No one from either side makes an effort to cap anything other than Galv and Belinda and maybe the first tower and graveyard. After that people just rove around in groups killing other players until someone wins.

    I suppose the reinforcement mechanic has increased the actual PvP content in AV, but at least for me the new system makes it a lot less fun.

  9. The problem with a reinforcement mechanic in wsg would be that zerging would pay of. After 75 cumulated kills the BG would end, not matter who captured more flags. Thus it would defeat the initial goal.

    Also reinforcements lead to an even more defensive gameplay, I don't know why you think there would be turtles. 10 WSG players staying in their base, picking of groups of 4-7 incoming players would win much rather due to the reinforcment system. What prolly would happen is 9 players defending the flag, while 1 druid tries to solo cap a flag (wasting as few reinforcements as possible if he dies, because he is alone).

  10. What a good blog!

    Dont have a AV related post (even though I'm looking forward to trying the new thing and it is what led me to ur site).

    I stumbled in and have now spent 2 hours reading old posts. Great stuff (even for a hunter :)