Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tales of the Past

Tales of the Past, Part III is an awesome WoW movie. It's a full feature-length (1.5 hours) movie.

Be warned that it is 2.4 gigs in size, but it's worth the download. I recommend the torrent option, and that was pretty fast for me. I didn't see parts I or II, but they aren't necessary to enjoy this.

Martin Falch has made a work of art. It must have taken him an incredible amount of time and effort, but the results are amazing.

The final battle in particular is spectacular, and even modern filmmakers could probably learn something about how to make something truly feel epic.


  1. I agree completely!

    There are so many scenes where you get goose bumps from the dialogue or the music combined with the plot. The voice acting of Blazer and Yimo is great, maybe not perfect but I'm really moved at times.

    "These are the Duranin - of honor within and of fear without"

    The Ashbringer scene in the Burning Steppes is truly amazing. I wouldn't mind paying to see something like that at the cinema.

    I recommend everyone who likes Warcraft to watch this masterpiece!

  2. Everyone knows the best scene was a Paladin wielding Ashbringer in full Judgement kicking the crap out of Arthas.

    Excellent movie BTW, highly recommended.

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  4. Definitely worth the time, especially if you're a fan of the lore surrounding Ashbringer, or Retribution Paladins, or just Warcraft Machinima or lore in general.

  5. I can't decide whether to tell my friends I watched a full-length wow machinima movie.

    On the one hand, it was epic, and tons better than a lot of the crap Hollywood spews from every orifice.

    On the other hand... I spent an hour and a half... watching world of warcraft movie...

    Will they high five me? Slap me? Beat me up torture me into never playing WoW again? Or watch it themselves?