Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who is Willy Toledo?

He appears to be a Spanish television/movie star, and he's a paladin who likes "body-to-body" fighting.

As an aside, the word "paladin" in Spanish sounds awesome.

Sadly, what jumps out at me is that once again Blizzard is promoting the paladin as a melee character. Why is it so hard for their raid/class team to understand this and shape the class accordingly?


  1. Wow, good find. I love it, especially the part where his character talks with his voice. In Spanish. If all Paladins sounded that sexy when they talked, more players would probably take them seriously and stop asking them to put on a dress and heal. Unfortunately, I think that they, like Druids, are often the victims of the "hybrid" tag (which I hear in Spanish means "having a heal button, thus limiting their usefulness in all other things"). T_T

  2. Ok, gotta admit it, that was pretty awesome.

    Playing toxic amounts of Warcraft III this weekend made me wish they had made the class resemble the paladins from there more. It would be fun to have been a melee support class with a long cooldown instant cast nuke heal (different LoH maybe?).

  3. Well with ret now being a solid raid DPS-hybrid it's not so bad to promote it as melee.

    -Agrippina/Messallina, Perenolde

  4. I'm not sure this commercial has so much to do with promoting melee paladins. I'm pretty sure that the melee paladin is there because a guy standing around healing a group would be both boring and unintelligible to anyone who wasn't a WoW player. Melee looks interactive (action between character and mob) and is easily understandable through simple visuals. Healing *looks* boring, because so much of the interaction is with the UI.

  5. i wish i knew what he was realying saying. but in anycase wit hthe changes they are making ret it is becoming a now noticable raid dps class, so i am excited. i cant wait till i get my Veritgans Fist and Morgraines Might

  6. "Hi, my name is Willy Toledo... and I am a Paladin."
    "I am a combination of a spell caster and a specialist in 'body to body' combat."(Here comes the pun, since in spanish 'body to body' is how you say melee, that's why the scene with the two chicks)
    "...'body to body', clearly what I like most."
    "But this is serious, I am the protector of the Holy Light."
    "I am Willy Toledo, and I'm a Paladin."
    "And you?"
    "What's your game?"

    There ya go, the translation.

  7. Oh, and by the way, Guillermo 'Willy' Toledo is a spanish actor, specialized in comedy, who became popular with his character in the spanish TV show '7 Vidas' (1999-2002), and also thanks to movies like 'El otro lado de la cama' or 'Días de fútbol'.

    He is pretty dammm funny.

  8. Some stuff just sounds really nice in spanish. Especially the part about being protector of the light. Just seemed to flow better than when you say it in english. Maybe just because it's not what we're used to hearing.

    Now I wonder how many of these commercials are actually out there for different languages.

  9. I'm finding the melee aspect to finally be catching up. Retribution still needs some retooling (SoB/SoV to both factions please, and JoC needs to scale with melee stats better), but it's definitely on its way. I have to laugh because Paladins are so often portrayed as lecherous in spite of being "holy defenders of the light." This ad was no exception.

    ¡Yo soy un Paladín!

  10. William Shatner has done a version of this advert, but hes a taurean shaman,
    How dissapointed people will be if they roll a paladin because they think we are a melee class who is universaly accepted :)
    Its an uphill struggle as retri, but damn id like to be as cool as him, mayb in the expansion we will be able to choose our voices, if so Mr toledo voice here i come!


    Here is a link to more commercials for WOW.

  12. Paladins have always been considered as Off tanks. So they are a melle type"body to body" In raids they tank the secondary mobs while the warrior will tank the primary mob. always been like that in Everquest and in wow