Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Hate Trash Respawns!

Have I mentioned lately that I hate trash respawns?

Tonight was our first night of serious Leotheras attempts. We took a look at Leo on Thursday, but our warlock tank hadn't finished collecting her Fire Resist set. We normally raid from 6:30 to 9:30. We try several attempts, learning how to start and stop DPS, healers learning how to kill their Inner Demon, etc. Our last attempt was gorgeous, except we got a little bit too excited when we hit the 15% mark. It was a heartbreaking 1% wipe.

We res up and get ready to try again, when trash respawns on top of us, wiping us again. It's now 9:00pm, and while we still have half an hour of raiding time, we have people who need to leave right at 9:30 and we have to clear all that trash. So we have to call it. I suppose it's possible that we could have cleared fast enough to get an attempt in, but there are 7 pulls before the boss, and the boss takes 10 minutes or so.

Calling the raid right after a 1% wipe, when you still have half an hour of raiding time, really, really sucks.

Trash respawns suck. Seriously, Blizzard, just remove them already. They're a pacing mechanic which doesn't affect the elite guilds, who are the ones who need to be paced. Trash respawns as a mechanic just hurt the rest of us who are moving at a slower pace or with real-life constraints on our time.


  1. Good idea. Remember all the agravation when attempting our first 5-man 70's instances and needed to pass the respawnsns again.

  2. /agree

    My guild have only downed him once, and I was rotated out of that raid.

    All other wipe attempts were called early because of respawns :(

  3. 1% without a full fire resist set on the warlock tank? You guys will have him the next time you raid (it took our guild 2 nights also, but our lock had full fire resist with paladin aura).

    Congratulations on mastering everything. One thing our guild found particularly helpful was to have a druid main tank it and let our warriors go full-time DPS gear (we would have 1 tank a banisher at the beginning in DPS gear), since that helps avoid prot warriors getting mind controlled and forcing us to do away with them.

  4. You are going to absolutely love Hyjal. ;-)

    Rather than remove repops entirely I would like to see them change the system to something akin to the Giants in Molten Core. You only have to kill them once after every soft reset. That way if you continue to raid for a night you don't have to worry about repops, but you can't just take 15 people on Tuesday to clear and not have to bother with trash the rest of the week (which I personally think would cheapen a lot of the raid experience).

  5. Oh, Dazanna. You had me going there for a min, until I remembered exactly why I self-standby for MH. The mobs between you and Kael aren't much fun, either.

    If you can, try to find the boss video from last year's BlizzCon. It's MC with no trash, only bosses. I think you'd like it. :)

  6. revaan, the warlock didn't have FR on Thursday. She had it yesterday. So the 1% was with a FR-geared lock.

    dazanna, I don't mind gauntlet trash. If the trash respawns with the boss, that's part of the challenge. Personally, I think I'm beginning to prefer linear instances, rather than instances where you can go all over.

    Also, we've done the pre-Kael trash. I don't really see why people say it is hard. It seemed fairly easy to me. Those Buzzsaws of Death before Void Reaver gave us more trouble.

  7. Kael trash was seriously nerfed not too long ago. The difference between a month ago and now is tremendous.

  8. If anyone in your raid has a trash respawn timer, you can use that to time how you do things. If it starts looking bad, put up wipe protection, wipe it fast, res, rebuff, repull (trash respawns will never happen mid-boss fight) and get that last attempt in before calling to respawns. I think about half our guild first kills were done in that last quick pull before the trash comes back.

  9. /disagree

    Trash is not just a pacing mechanism. It is also a reputation gaining mechanism. Imagine how long it would take to get Violet Eye rep with only the bosses in Kara.

    Plus no BOE drops.

    Keep the trash, lose the QQing

  10. Bloodstar, I like trash. I just don't like it respawning. Also, the T5 instances don't have rep associated with them.

    As always, I point to Blackwing Lair. Awesome dungeon, no respawns.

  11. it seems that it is not easy for us downn him,i have not gone.

  12. well it's kind off a contradicting situation, since some folks need nether vortex off trash