Saturday, January 12, 2008

Short Notes

Castsequence Macros broken in 2.3.2

If you use castsequence macros (for example, to weave HL5 in-between FoLs), be aware that if your target is out of range or the cast is interrupted, the macro will "jam" and will stop working. It might start working again after a bit, but it's very annoying.

World of Warcraft Sweepstakes

The book publisher Simon & Schuster is holding a World of Warcraft Sweepstakes. Lots of swag including novels, CCG packs, and other WoW material. The contest is open to residents of Canada and the US (sans Quebec, as normal).

Loot Update

I picked up [Crystalforge Shoulderguards] last week. I went with the Protection shoulders, as I have the healing shoulders from Tidewalker. I also got [Chestguard of Hidden Purpose] from Zul'Aman. I haven't been in ZA very much, and last run was the first time I've killed Bear, Eagle and Lynx bosses.

I also picked up some mail healing gloves from Solarian. It was a pretty good week for loot.


  1. Grats on your lewtz!

    Sweeps site keeps telling me "I'm not eligible", btw.

    I'd make a crack like "lol castsequence", but I burnt out on raiding, so who am I to say my style of play was "superior".

    Still enjoying your blog tho! Thanks :)

  2. /cry

    Why are we excluded ? ...

    Good blog btw ! =)

  3. Quebec is excluded because it has some pretty hardcore rules about running contests. For example, if a company doesn't have a head office in Quebec, they have to deposit a bond with the government.

    So most contest organizers take the easy way out and simply disallow Quebec from participating.

  4. Ohhh ... Thanks for the info ! =)

    It was more a joke than a question but thanks anyway. ;-)

    Pardon my poor writing skill. =)
    I need to level it a bit more. LOL