Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ask Coriel: Healing Trinkets

Jammy asks:
So my guild is just starting out in SSC/TK and I was wondering what the best possible trinkets for a healadin would be. As of right now, I currently use the Lower City prayerbook, and the Ribbon of Sacrifice from Kara, occasionally swapping out a couple of JC trinkets, like the Talasite Owl or the Living Ruby Serpent. Any other suggestions I might shoot for?

I use the [Lower City Prayerbook] and [Ribbon of Sacrifice] myself. They're pretty decent trinkets for that level.

The only trinkets I'd really suggest as possible upgrades (from lower
content) are:
- [Battlemaster's Perseverance] (Badges, Honor)
- [Pendant of the Violet Eye] from Shade of Aran
- [Tome of Diabolic Remedy] from Hex Lord Malacrass
- [Figurine: Seaspray Albatross] from Shattered Sun Offensive
- [Vial of the Sunwell] from Heroic Magister's Terrace

There are 3 or 4 decent trinkets coming up in T5 content. Don't forget about spell crit trinkets. There's a really nice spell crit trinket off Karathress ([Sextant of Unstable Currents]).

Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about trinkets. You have a solid pair. If you can get one of the ones on the list above easily, go for it, but don't sweat it. Also, I find that making a macro to automatically use your trinkets (especially LCP) when you cast a spell will help ensure you get maximum use out of them.

Something like:

/use Ribbon of Sacrifice
/use Lower City Prayerbook
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Flash of Light

Any trinkets that I may have missed?


  1. Scarab of the Infinite Cycle

  2. As the previous poster said, Scarab of the Infinite Cycle is a really great addition.

    I would also recommend the heroic badge trinket Essence of the Martyr.

    Void Reaver drops the Fel Reaver Piston. This or the one from Hexlord in ZA can be nice for your manareg and have either a heal over time or +heal effect.

    I would not recommend the trinket from Aran as I found it to be unsatisfying.
    And if you are trying to get the spellcrit trinket from Karathress, have fun with your damage casters who will kill for it. I guess I'd rather get the PVP trinket. ;)

  3. I think that the Pendant of the Violet Eye from Shade is one of the best trinkets you can have.

    With Kings and Divine Intelect, you get over 48 intelect from the trinket. That then gives you about 17 damage and healing. It also gives 13.5 spell crit.

    I macro the use ability to my flash of light, and I get get 12 procs off it easy. That averages out to about 20 mp5s which is better than the fel reaver piston or ZA trinket.

    The extra damage and healing, spell crit, mp5s, and mana from the intel make Pendant of the Violet Eye one of my top trinkets.

  4. The new alchemy stone is not only the best in the game, but is accessible to everyone. You can level alchemy in a few hours fairly cheap so 3/4 of our paladins have done so already.

    119 +healing is the highest in the game, and anyone chain chugging mana potions will recieve around 60-100 mp5.

  5. Scarab of the Infinite Cycle
    Essence of the Martyr

    Unless you need more mana per 5

  6. Not everyone wants to powerlevel a new profession everytime something exciting comes along for that profession.

  7. Like most of the posters above mentioned, the Scarab of the Infinite Cycles is an awesome trinket. I was excited when it finally dropped in Black Morass.

    I currently use the Scarab of Infinite Cycles and Ribbon of Sacrifice. Really good mix when Phase 2 gets tough on Prince (I've only gotten as far as Karazhan). I've noticed the spell haste increase form the Scarab on many occasions, and it procs fairly often.

  8. There's also a fairly decent healing trinket for Jewelcrafter that's available for those that's revered with SSO (not hard to do).

    Also, Magisters' Terrace have the nice Vial of the Sunwell that drops off 3rd boss in heroic.

  9. I've found that a fun thing to do is use the trinket from heroic MgT in combination with holy shock in a macro. An instant 4k non crit heal is a lot. I used a macro that is somewhere along the lines of;

    #show tooltip Holy Shock
    /cast Vials of the Naaru
    /cast Holy Shock

    I threw in there a few modifiers so I would not waste it when holy shocking enemies, but I forget the exact syntax and am not at my computer atm.

    This macro is great for tight situations in a boss battle or such, this combo has saved our tanks several times. It's even more powerful because of the buff to holy shock.

  10. I'm an evil priest so my opinions may be skewed but I was looking at the MgT trinket and I decided for me, it was really only strong for fights where there is a silence mechanic or Reliquary of Souls when the mana drain takes you to 0 mana. I know my pally friend was excited about the idea of another heal he could cast on movement fights, but was disappointed with it after playing with it in raids.

    I think trinkets are the easiest gear you can change to give yourself a situational advantages for certain fights. You can easily swap in high +healing or the haste trinket for spike damage or short fights and switch regen trinkets for longer fights. Finally since most of the trinkets mentioned come from 5 mans, 10 mans or badge rewards there isn't often much competition for the trinkets so they should be fairly accessible to you.

  11. Three trinkets not mentioned:
    Fel Reaver's Piston - This is only 16 mp5, but the proc is ideal for a class with no heal-over-time spells. With a 15% proc and ~15s second cooldown, this ends up being around +100 healing.

    Battlemaster's Alacrity - With +2000 healing, Holy Light (no BoL) heals for 1680 hps. 40 spell haste increases this by 42 hps. This is equivalent to about +130 bonus healing in terms of hps increase.

    Redeemer's Alchemist Stone - +119 healing and an effective 40 mp5 with potion use.

    Some trinkets mentioned:
    Figurine - Seaspray Albatross - This devolves down to 43 mp5, which isn't bad but isn't particularly good either.

    Vial of the Sunwell - The use condition adds 16.6 hps, which translates to +58 healing for direct heals. Unless a 2k instaheal is absolute necessary, this trinket is terrible.

    Pendant of the Violet Eye - This comes out to be around 23 mp5. The 660 mana (after BoK) it provides can translate to 11 mp5 for a 5-minute fight. It also provides +15 healing from talents. It also provides a minor amount of critical. Not a top notch trinket, but not horrible.

  12. I missed Scarab of the Infinite Cycle and Battlemaster's Alacrity. Fel Reaver Piston is T5 content. I also don't really want to recommend levelling a new profession, even if the Alchemy trinket is very good.

    As for the Badge trinket, it's good, but honestly, I don't think it's that much of an upgrade over the current trinkets. I would rather save the Badges for the new armor. Of course, if you had Badges to spare, you could get it.

  13. I'm not at the level you guys are, still in Kara, just getting past Curator. When I started I used two Lower City Prayerbooks, because I needed the +healing that badly. Through some good gear upgrades I've ditched one book in favor of X'ri's Gift, which has given me a nice boost to my crit rating.

  14. A good read, having been a Paladin healer for 2 years, trinkets have always been an item that I have changed in & out regularly.
    Considering there are 2 slots the combinations vary from all +healing, +Mp5, +Intellect/Stamina too spell haste, instant heal & increase in spell crit.

    I am not an expert on the majority of trinkets mentioned, I have used all but the crafted tinkets but I thought I would respond to the Anonymous post regarding the 'Vial of the Sunwell'

    "Vial of the Sunwell - The use condition adds 16.6 hps, which translates to +58 healing for direct heals. Unless a 2k instaheal is absolute necessary, this trinket is terrible."

    I will leave out the theory crafting, & deal with the simple benefits from this trinket as in my opinion this is the best healing trinket before T6 content.

    The benefits as I see it are;

    - This trinket can be charged up prior to any boss fight or arena match ahead of time; the Holy Energy buff (which represents the collected energy, and stacks to 20) has no duration. This means that you can charge it up with 20 rank 1 heals before a fight starts.

    - The Vial of the Sunwell is also not classed as a spell & consequently does not suffer from silence, Counter spell, curse of tongues mechanics so can be used for fights such as Gruul and Nalorakk & obviously ideal for Arena.

    - The Vial can also crit, I have not done significant testing but have seen it crit often, and the amount is for 3000 healing.

    Finally, & most significantly the Vial also has a 15Mp5 stat. In my current build I have just surppased +25% Holy crit & having the 15+Mp5 is vital for me to maintain a Mp5 whilst casting of over 130.

    This post is from a Paladin healing build, aiming for 30% crit,140 + Mp5 in combat & 1900+ healing, so it may not agree with other healers.

  15. When healing Karazhan I use my Alchemists Stone (even though I rarely take a potion) and either Scarab or the Vial. I'm still trying to get the Essence of the Martyr, but I'm not really in any hurry.

    When healing PvP it's the Vial 95% of the time. The other slot is the 2 min PvP trinket since that's pretty much required.

  16. Alchemist Stone of the Redeemer. +119 heals and +40% to mana pots and healing pots. 'nuff said.

    Also, Fel Reaver's Piston is hawt :)

  17. Scarab of the Infinite Cycle is arguably one of the best Paladin healing trinkets in the game. I combine it with Pendant of the Violet Eye.

    The only other trinket I'd be interested in is Sextant of Unstable Currents...but only because I think it suits my playstyle better.

    Scarab/Pendant is a really solid combo.