Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WWS Reports

Several commenters asked for WWS reports, so here they are. I was only present for the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal parts.

1. Tuesday - BT
2. Wednesday - BT
3. Thursday - BT/MH
4. Monday - MH

Please don't comment on Reclaimed in general. I would have anonymized the reports, but that option appears to have been disabled.

Some general notes. On Tuesday and Wednesday, my HL5/FoL7 macro was messed up, resulting in me casting many more HL5 than I intended. Ratio should have been about 1:7, but was 1:3 instead. I switched to just doing FoL7 (and HL11) after that.

I wiped the raid once on Gorefiend. I died in the wrong spot, and didn't realize you could shoot other people's constructs--I thought it was like Leotheras for some reason--so I'm pretty sure I was not shooting my own constructs. I also wiped the raid once on Archimonde (Doomfire).

Other than that, the obvious healing error I noticed was on Bloodboil. I really should have been faster on the draw to heal the Fel-Raged person. I also needed to do a better job keeping the paladin tanking the Hyjal waves up.

I do think my healing mix should have more HL11 and less FoL7, but the tension between cast time, mana, and other healing was hard to judge. I think I should have defaulted more to HL11 when in doubt.

As for gear, I'll try and log out in healing gear (though I am Retribution at the moment). When Holy I have about +1925 healing, and the gear is mostly at the T5 level. I heal using Grid and mouseover macros.

Thanks for all the help and comments so far.


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  2. by no means am I an expert on paladins, but after looking at the reports a little bit, one problem may be that you weren't casting enough spells.


    This is a breakdown of the Paladins on Thursday's run. Comparing you to Castalis, while you two pretty much casted the same proportion of FoL/HL, Castalis got off a good deal more casts than you.

    I don't know if that was a function of healing assignments, lag, being new to the fight, avoiding overheals or what, but it would result in a lot more healing for Castalis than you.

    I'm sure others will have other recommendations, but the thing I saw crop up from time to time is others getting more heals off than you.

    As well, if you did end up wiping the raid, that's what's going to stand out in the minds of the people evaluating you, whether it's fair or not. That's too bad.

    (sorry, deleted to add that last paragraph)

  3. Not any good at WWS sheets. But I agree with Ben about wiping the raid.

    Wiping the raid during trial is never a good sign. A bit like scoring for the opposing team in soccer.

    From my raid experience. Low performance was often tolerated, wiping the raid was never.

  4. Everyone who gets the Gorefiend Contructs the first time will most probably wipe the raid, thats just bad luck. You could have used the Gorefiend Flash Simulator to get some training with the spell rotation you have to use, though. If you died in the wrong spot, thats either a sign of disorientation (can happen the first time you are in a bosses room, but the 2nd time there is no excuse) or they did not show you the place explicitly.
    As for Archimonde, its about the same. It takes a few tries for everyone to understand how the Doomfire works. And even very experienced people can wipe the raid on this encounter, if there is only a little error in their movement.
    These two encounters are the ones where any new person can wipe the raid and i would not hold it against them the first time. But if the error happens again, i would say there is a problem.

    I also looked at your WWS. I also think you did cast too few spells. Maybe you were afraid of overhealing, which is a bad thing to do. You actually had a quite large amount of overheal, but i would not worry about it if you would be en par with the other Pallys effective heal wise. Here is probably the part where the gear gap kicks in and the experienced healers did heal more proactively because they knew where to expect how much incoming damage.

    I think you should try to apply to another guild who is currently working on MH/BT, best would be something like 4/5 MH and 5/9 BT - this should fit in with your gear level and experience - you will probably perform much better the next time you are in MH/BT, because now you know the encounters a little bit better.

  5. I just had a look at your healing gear. There are a few "relatively easy to get" upgrades you should consider.
    You asked, if you should do more Heroics - that is one thing you really should. Especially Magister's Terrace.

    There are 2 upgrades directly related with MrT/Shattered Sun.
    - The Healing Trinket from Heroic MrT
    - The Exalted Healing Necklace (which is very good with the Aldor proc you will get and a clear upgrade over your Kara Neck)

    Then you should consider to get some of the new badge rewards. You can use all of the Plate gear and the universal Healing Items.
    - First big upgrade is the Healing Mace, of course. Dont use anything with +Spirit on it (Prince Mace...), thats wasted Stat Points.
    - The Healing Ring (again, you use a Ring with +Spirit - thats a no-go)
    - The Plate Healing Belt (nice amount of +spellcrit)
    - The Healing Legplates (not a such great item, but an upgrade to your T4 non the less)
    - The Healing Breastplate (great amount of +spellcrit, but you will loose quite a lot mp5 from your ZA piece, so i would maybe skip this one)

    The +mp5 from the MrT Trinket could make up for the loss of mp5 on your gear, if you try to get more +spellcrit items.
    Of course thats a LOT of badges, but i think if you want to apply to a BT/MH farming guild, you really need to work on your gear.
    As for Heroic MrT - i really dont like this instance as a Healadin, so i usually run it as Tank. You might want to consider doing the same ;)

  6. for bloodboil, don't use your normal casting buttons. Create new macros to help with that fight, it will greatly decrease your reaction time.

    /assist Gurtogg Bloodboil
    /cast Flash of Light

    /assist Gurtogg Bloodboil
    /cast Holy Light

    On the fel raged person, you pretty much only want to use holy light. They take a ton of dmg, but can survive while you cast the big one, since they will have 30k+ health.

  7. I have to agree with Mathias a bit, in that you can improve your gear. My guild is in T4 and ZA and we have several healers with over 2000 +healing. Badge gear makes that so easy. Some of the Arena healing gear is great too, especially a good healing mace.

    If you really want to see T6 right now, good luck with your next application! Otherwise, maybe you would have more fun going with a less-progressed guild that will accept you as Ret?


  8. I did notice that the amount healed was very little compared to the top 3, but your overheal was very high.

    Were you on Raid healing and they were assigned to more specific targets?

    Do they use a mod like visualheal to cut down on cross/overhealing? Its the one I've used and the only one with which I'm familiar. If the mods you use do that, then I apologize.

  9. Didn't spend much time checking out the WWS but one thing did stand out for me:

    from your third WWS link I saw this

    Mana Pot Usage:
    T6 Pally: 1
    Coriel: 2
    PvP Pally: 9

    I checked out your gear and agree with what Mathias said on your gear. I also think you should try to run ZA every reset, belt, trinket and shield from there are decent upgrades for you. Your pirority badge upgrades should probably be the Mace and ring unless you can somehow get into someone's Vashj/Kael kills for an Band of Eternity. Big thing I see is you need more Crit for sure.

    If you somehow do get into a BT farming guild its not unheard of to get 4/8 T6 in 2-4 Weeks so keep that in mind when upgrading any of the "old" T6 Slots.

    Few Gear comments I like to add:
    Helm: While your helm isnt too bad most paladins like helms with a Meta socket to take advanatge of an IED if you look at the WWS report over the course of one night it generated 36-38k of mana for the other two pallies in the raid.

    Neck: neck isnt bad but I would say that the ZA haste, PvP Neck, or SSO neck would be sure upgrades.

    Shield: I started BT with that shield but these days it seems every Shaman or Paladin has the ZA shield or better these days.

    Gloves: Your Gloves arent bad.... but I know a lot of Paladins who highly rate the season 3 PvP gloves for extra crit on FoL, Not sure how much you use FoL to justify getting them but felt like it was worth mentioning.

    Belt: Your belt isnt bad its actually pretty decent belt and I known some ppl to wore it for a long time in BT/MH, Would consider resocketing it for Crit, but ideally I would run ZA for hope of Stromgarde's Hope dropping but probably wouldnt spend badges to try to upagrde it.

    Pants: Get anything Itemization on T4 Holy Pants sucks

    Libram: If you don't have a libram of mending get it, a lot of paladin's libram swap it in every few HL casts to get the buff up then swap to a different libram.

    Trinket - Run ZA for tome of Diabolic Remedey. Also if your willing to Drop mining and level up Alchemy the Upgraded Alchemist Stone is theorycrafted out to be the best healing trinket in the game by far if you chain use Mana Pots. I know of a lot of endgame Paladins who redid professions for it when 2.4 came out.

  10. Coriel, I've read your blog on and off again since before I started my own guild. You're an intelligent theory crafter and an articulate individual.

    Environmental awareness and good instincts are developed via experience and coaching.

    There have been some great suggestions about upgrades you can work for. I'm interested in seeing if you are as motivated to better yourself as you are to understanding the mechanics of healing in wow.

    If you are properly motivated, I believe I can help you grow in experience, gear and maybe even some understanding of how to be part of a successful healing team. I'd encourage you to take a look at our website(http://thedauntless.guildlaunch.com). In addition, you may wish to take a look at my blog to give yourself an understanding of how I think as a leader. If you like what you see contact me and we can talk about possibilities.

  11. RE. the macros that were posted a few lines up ->

    /assist Gurtogg Bloodboil
    /cast Flash of Light

    /assist Gurtogg Bloodboil
    /cast Holy Light

    Change 'm to

    /cast [target=targettarget] flash of light


    /cast [target=targettarget] Holy Light

    Makes them viable for e.g. Solarian, or spamming whoever gets frozen during the Rage Winterchill fight. All you have to do then is target the boss being fought, and click away on your button - as soon as he changes target, so will you.

  12. I do mostly PvP, so i'm not up on the mechanics of raid runs....HOWEVER

    The biggest thing I saw was that you had one of the highest overhealing percentages in all 4 reports

    To me, that means your healing would have been a lot better had you not overhealed as much.

    Further, you mention the fast pace this guild raids with, I think it's that "rush, rush" method that probably forced you to go with big heals rather then well timed ones. At a slower pace you would have been fine.

    PvP is definitly fast paced, it may help you develop that awareness, but I think more beneficial would be to find a group doing speed runs and go wtih them. You'll get better when you're able to go at their pace.