Thursday, December 04, 2008


I've been trying the mod QBar recently.

It's a very simple mod that automatically puts usable quest items on a bar for you. It makes questing easier, as the button for the whatever items you need to use is always in the same place. No need to dig through bags, or try and keep some regular bar space free. No need to worry about cleaning up unused icons after the quest.

It's a great small mod that does one thing, but does it very well.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Years ago I had a mod that did this, but it was a terrible mess and I eventually lost it. This should work better than constantly going in my bags to drag quest items onto bars just for a few minutes.

  2. I personally just use AutoBar, and have a button there for all of my quest items alongside all of my other smart buttons.

    It's missing most quest items from Northrend, but I just go in and add them to my custom category whenever I pick up a new quest, so they'll all be set up when my other 70s come through later.

  3. Thanks for posting this but it doesn't seem to work right. It put the bar on the back of my toon's head, and then wouldn't move anywhere. No options, no ability to drag the frame, nuttin'. So while it's a good idea, without a better positioning, it's inherently flawed and has to be turned off. It'sa dud.

  4. OPie is a different way to do this and works better for me, radical but really effective.

  5. Polecat,

    You might have wanted to check out the directions... It defaults to locked.

    /qb toggle
    Toggles QBar being enabled or not

    /qb scale value
    Sets the scale of the buttons, default is 1.

    /qb padding value
    Configures the padding between the buttons, default is 1.

    /qb tips
    Determines if item tips are shown when you move your mouse over the buttons.

    /qb vertical
    Toggles between horizontal and vertical button bar

    /qb lock
    Toggles the button frame being locked, use this command to move the buttons around.

    /qb clearignore
    Clears the ignore list, and shows all items again. You can shift click an item to ignore it for the reminder of the session.

    /qb bind
    Use this command to set the key binding for the last item used, this is vital for all the dailies.

  6. Ohhhhh. Thanks, Im gonna have to give this a try.

  7. Looks interesting, but I don't find it that hard to just move items to my action bars when I need them. The 3 button is my "quest item" button and I just move whatever quest item I need there and it works perfectly without the need for an extra add-on. It just makes it simpler to have a dedicated button for quest-related items.

  8. Sweet mod! I love it! Looking for quest items in my bag was such a pain.

  9. Have to agree.. Picked this mod up a couple of weeks ago and it's awesome.

    @Blake - I used to do the same thing and yes, it is rather simple to do things that way but this mod makes things just easier, plain and simple. I no longer have to look for the item, place it on the bar and then remember to take it off or replace it later.

    Is it necessary? No, not in the least but man it makes life soooo much nicer!

  10. Hey this is pretty cool.
    Speaking of Pally mods though I've been looking for a mod that makes another small action bar similar to the aura one, but on the right side (there are hunter and shammy versions out there)for blessings. Do you know of any. Haven't found any great ones via Curse.

  11. Thanks for the tip - love this little mod :)