Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ask Coriel: Crafted PvP Holy Gear

Murpheus asks:
I was wondering if you could tell me why you think all the blue a and purple crafted "pvp" plate I see on the AH has no INT. Even the mace has no INT. All the other crafted plate has Strength and Stamina ,but Holy Pally's only get stamina yes it does have spell power , but still. In Battlegrounds noone can/wants to kill me so eventually I run out of mana, am I doing this all wrong? do I not need a mana pool?

I think we're all confused by the crafted Holy gear. I don't think anyone is wearing it. From what I hear, most people are just going with PvE gear until they have enough honor and/or arena points to pick up the first actual PvP set (Savage Gladiator's Redemption), as that set is much better itemized.

It's especially confusing because the mail Stormhide gear is pretty decent.


  1. Rohan writes:
    I think we're all confused by the crafted Holy gear.

    I agree. I have a blacksmith. I offered each piece to my (holy) paladin friend. He declined every one.

    I thought I heard that blizzard was going to re-itemize those pieces to add Int, but I can't find supporting evidence when I look for it, so maybe I'm confused.

  2. What about Titansteel Guardian? I doubt if any holy pala would turn that down.

  3. I've noticed the same thing while leveling my paladin. Seems like 50% of the spell damage plate quest rewards have no Int.

  4. Titansteel Guardian is okay. We're really talking about the plate armor here.

  5. Actually, I did turn down the Titansteel Guardian. I opted to run Heroic Nexus for a mace that has int on it. Yes, it has mp5 and not crit, but why go for something that lacks what is arguably our best stat?

  6. The guardian isn't just okay, it's pretty damn stellar until nerfed innit?

    Regardless; Levelling my pally, aka my old main, as my first alt, and I wouldn't be caught dead in the set. With the insane returns pallies get from int, and the added value it has in pvp (tho it also loses some of its benefits), well, christ. That said, I'm pretty sure I saw a blue saying they'd investigate it.

    Which would be heartening if it wasn't - again, iirc - commented pre-wotlk, on the beta.

  7. The itemization on the holy paladin PvP set is supposed to be fixed on the PTR/patch 3.0.8.

    I've heard rumors that the actual live patch is around the corner, but who knows.

    The patch also changes all the epic BS helms to have a blue/meta socket, and tunes down the Spiked helm and Guardian (healing) mace, as both were stupidly good.

  8. Sigh. If you're a holy pally in arena you don't need any pvp gear currently. I can see wearing someonce you reach 1800+ but aside from that you need virtually nothing. As a holy pally you will never never never be focused (unless you have a LOT less hp than your partners) so you're better off wearing full pve gear. I would suggest always wearing pve gear especially in 2v2 and 3v3 where you are the only healer and may run oom, pvp gear simply doesn't have the regen that pve gear has.

  9. I would have loved to have been there during the developer's meeting when the crafted Holy Paladin gear took place.

    "How about it has Stamina. Stamina's good, right?"

    "So far so good, Charlie."

    "Okay, and Spell Power. I mean they need that for healing, yes?"

    "Very true, Charlie."

    "And I'm thinking maybe add a ton of MP5."

    "Not...really a stat Paladins of any spec use, Charlie, but... continue."

    "Well it's for mana regen for those long, drawn out fights that last over five to ten minutes in arena."

    "...You're losing us, Charlie. With no Resilience, it's going to be all about bur-"

    "And I'm thinking don't worry about +Crit! HAHA!"



    *turns* "Kalgan?"

    "I like it. Make it happen. Anyway, about buffing Mortal Strike..."

  10. Honestly, I made it while levelling up BS, and it's alltogether not that bad. I lose about 3k mana on those pieces (which are mostly T4-T5 and ZA gear) and pick up around 4k health.

    The mp5 I notice a little, but with the extra crit, I really don't run out of mana any sooner and I actually stay alive, with mana, much much longer.

    I would like to see some INT on these things, too, without much of a drop in anything else, but it's really not that bad. Considering all of the other class PVP gear, I do wonder why the devs put the most deficient one of their group to create pally gear... the PVE BS pally gear has no INT either...?

    When you look at Shaman, Hunter and the like, there are all stats that are there in spades... who knows what they were thinking (probably not) but I have it on, and I like it so far. It's not as bad as I originally thought it would be.

  11. Yup, all of the Ornate Saronite gear is getting Int in the next patch: