Friday, August 07, 2009

3.2 Impressions

So new patch. Here are some quick thoughts:
  • Female paladin T8 chestpieces now cover the stomach. Thank you, Blizzard! I actually really like the look now--even the helm has grown on me--and am hoping to pick up the shoulders soon.

  • Healing is weird now. Healing the tank by not healing the tank (except for a random FoL every so often to put up the HoT) feels really awkward. It's really weird when you hit someone with a 20k Holy Light, and they only had 3k damage, but the tank needed the big heal. However, I haven't had a chance to try healing in a raid yet, so I'll reserve judgement. It is a flat out buff numbers-wise though.

  • The new daily quests are pretty neat. I like the fact that they are fairly random.

  • The 5-man is pretty fun. The transition between jousting and regular combat is a bit abrupt, especially as we all have lances equipped. But other than that it is quick and fun. I particularly like the fact that if you get through a fight without deaths, you get an extra piece of loot. That's a nice touch.

  • Badge changes are also good. I like running random Heroics. Having epic gems available for the lowest rank of Badges was a nice touch.

  • Speaking of epic gems, I regemmed to all +23 Spellpower gems in order to maximize Flash of Light and Sacred Shield. However, I find that I really don't like not getting the socket bonus. I miss the green text lighting up and the gem border doing that little sparkle. It may be the optimum way to gear, but skipping socket bonuses offends my sense of order.

  • I don't like the new Crusader Strike, it's very weak. The new Hand of Reckoning is nice, though. As for the Seal change, I've pretty much switched to using Righteousness most of the time, and only using Vengeance on long boss fights.

  • I haven't tried the new raid, but I think the staggered release of bosses may be a good thing. We get new bosses every week, but can still work on Ulduar, rather than dropping it unfinished. After a while, we can start extending the Ulduar lockout timer to work on the last half of the instance.

  • The Coliseum also seems to have much higher item level loot than I was expecting. I was expecting the 25-regular to come in at ilvl 239, the same as Ulduar-hard. Instead it comes in at ilvl 245. Loot in heroic mode extends all the way up to 272, which is pretty crazy.

  • Speaking of the ilvl 272 cloaks, Blizzard made a mistake on the names. The paladin cloaks (Bolvar's, Lady Liadrin's) have spirit on them, and the mage cloaks (Jaina's, Aethar's) don't. Probably should be switched.

  • I really like being able to trade Bind-on-Pickup items in the instance. Makes it very easy to recover from a mistake when handing out loot.

  • The new Battleground is interesting. I've only played it twice so far on Horde. The current strategy seems to be grab the airport and parachute into the base. Looks like fun though.

  • There are a lot of other nice, small mechanical changes: the new quest log, mount changes, seeing the change in attributes when looking at new gear, being able to see item level, etc. It's not a big content patch, but it has a lot of small changes, fixes and experiments on new ways of doing things. It seems more like a "palate cleanser" to get us ready for Icecrown.


  1. Healing through ulduar now definitely puts a strain on the mana supplies, though it's arguable that it was perhaps too easy before the nerfs. The biggest test there will be the general next week. Really not looking forward to that one.

    What I did find on the first half dozen bosses this week was how even the healing was between hol, fol, hs and the beacon. Scarily so in fact. It was also strange to see half of the night having beacon actually top the healing meter. Now _that_ is interesting. Needless to say though, the hs 2pc hot bonus and the fol hot remain barely a blip on the radar. A shame, but I guess them's the cards we've been dealt.

  2. Im somewhat confused why Blizz is dropping tons of Champ seals and yet all you can get [after the epic weapon] is mounts, pets, tabards and the racial standard.

    It would be nice if they just said 200/300/400 seals for a t6/t7/t8 piece.

  3. If you missed the look of 3.1 Tier 8 chest (plus correction on high resolution Tier 8 legs), Invisura of Smolderthorn creator of Paladin vs. Warrior video made a mod file to fix that situation. As a guy, I preferred the old look.

  4. I've always wondered why females were always scantily clad (or at least not fully armored) in these kind of games. It's like people think they don't have vital organs too.

  5. I have been leveling a BE Paladin in my spare time just to see what the Horde quests are like. At 21, I am finding HoR really useful for dealing with the Trolls who break off and run for help in the Ghostlands. They always seem to do it when Judgements are on cooldown.