Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ask Coriel: Farming Instances at 70

Juniorkow asks:
I enjoy your blog and was wondering at level 70 could you provide a template to farm old instances ? I dont have wrath yet so just something to keep me busy.

I would suggest going Protection and using a build like this: 4/51/6.

I think that should give you a good build so you can AoE farm most older instances. Note that it isn't a proper tank build as it is missing Spiritual Attunement (no other healer) and Guarded By The Light (you get Divine Plea at level 71).

You might have mana problems. If you find you are, you might be better off with a Retribution build like: 2/5/54

You'll have to be a bit more careful, but there won't be any mana worries.


  1. How about builds for solo farming lvl 60-70 instances at 80? My pally is currently ret, but would like to farm mounts from ZG/kara and such. How much ret gear can you get away with/what are the minimums for tanking gear/etc? I've yet to see anyone tackle this question with an understandable answer for the non prot among us.

  2. if you're going to be farming zg for the mounts you really need to go in as prot other wise you're going to spend to much time trying to heal your self from the damage. best bet is get yourself def cap 540 and have at it you wont have any issues with health or mana my health never goes down below 90% as prot. as minimums go with a basic prot set you should have about 20k thats more than enough to get it done for zg anyways, never tried kara so im not much help there.

  3. Some bosses in ZG are faster/easier as ret, while others require prot to stay alive. If you aren't dual specced prot/ret, then going in as prot is the only way to gaurantee you can do all the bosses/trash packs.

    Raptor - prot. Tiger - ret. Panther - ret. Spider - ret. Aoe raptor trash - prot. Tiger trash - ret, focus the axe throwers and cc one with repentence.

    Gear isn't that important. When you are going as ret, use a pvp/pve prot set of gear that is at - 5.6% chance to be crit and a good 2 hander. When you are going as prot, focus on 540 defense and a high Block Value.

  4. Mind giving a pointer on how to solo the tiger boss as ret. ive only tried it as prot. i have problems with the healer so i never tried it as ret maybe ill give it a shot next time.

  5. ZG - easily doable as prot at 80. Ret - maybe if your good.
    I do ZG for the 2 mounts, tiger & raptor, can do both as prot.
    On the whole though, ZG isnt that great for aoe farming. Lots of mobs with stacking poisons, diseases and those accursed whirlwind axe attacks.

    Kara is very good to solo farm, at least all the trash packs from morose up to the opera area. Need a good blockset though. Attumen, Morose, maiden and Oz Opera event are soloable.

    As for farming 5mans, Ramps is good, UB/Slave pens is awesome, and Shattered halls is highly profitable.

    Possible the best thing to aoe farm though is classic Stratholme.
    Can fill my backpack in 2-3 pulls :)

    Ellifain @ Khaz'goroth

  6. Ellifain again :)

    If you want to kill the ZG tiger boss, there is a 'bug out' trick that you can employ.

    What you do is:
    In the open area infront of the tiger boss, there are 2 packs of adds, and random roaming tiger cubs.
    Nuke all the cubs singly, making sure they dont run off and aggro the packs.
    Kill the pack on the right (facing the tiger boss). Easy as ret. Repentance 1 axe thrower, burn the second, and bubble through the flurry of the 3rd. The additional tigers will due thru aoe.

    You dont need to kill the add pack on the left.

    Buff up, mount up, and ride in and pull the tiger boss & adds.
    Ride back out to the cleared side, and you will see a collection of tree stumps & a wall. If you jump onto the wall or treestump, the adds will stop and not attack you. Only the boss will do his silence.

    After a while, they will start evading back to their start position. Quicky ride through and past them, and they will agro again. This must be done before they return to their original positions.

    Ride back to your wall/treestump and repeat the process.

    After 3 goes of this, the tiger boss will yell some emote, the 2 adds will DISSAPEAR and you progress to Phase 2 of the battle, which is just a simple burn of the boss while he is in tiger form.
    Very easy.

    Only thing is that as soon as the tiger boss emotes you have to ride as fast as u can to him and get aggro before he evades. You hae maybe 4-5sec before he does this.

    Using the evade bug means you can do it in 1/2 the time as a normal kill, and dont have to worry about interrupting heals or LOS positioning. Ive done it as both prot & ret.

    Ellifain @ Khaz'goroth