Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ad Infinitum Recruiting

My guild is recruiting again. We could use a few more good people. We're on the North America Lethon server, which is a medium-sized PvP server.

We raid (25-mans) 3 days a week: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday from 7-11pm Pacific Standard Time.

We have 4/5 Grand Crusader, and 5/9 Ulduar Hard Modes. We use DKP, with regular Auction-style bidding. We're reasonably competent, and expect people come prepared and use food and flasks.


Anyways, this sounds like a guild you'd be interested in, please check out our website. Or feel free to ask questions in comments to this thread.


  1. Is there a particular class or role AI is looking for?

  2. I think right now we could use 1-2 of each role. A tank, a healer (resto shaman/priest ideally), a ranged dps, maybe a melee dps.

  3. OK, I'll be right there. After I level a character from 1 to 80 on your server. Give me a year or so, and I will be good to go. Gotta love this game.