Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Comment about Ret Fixes

Courtesy of Icechicken of <Forgotten Crusaders>, Korialstrasz, in a discussion about new change to Deadly poison to stop Rogues from using weapon switching mods:
Ret gets neat fixes all the time, it's just that all those fixes are nerfs so you don't think they are very creative at all.

Made me laugh, in any case.

Really disappointed to see the DI change reverted. Currently, DI is a liability on any serious content, because Bloodlust/Heroism is so important.

Edit: DI changed to "This ability now also removes Exhaustion or Sated from a target if the recipient is out of combat when the effect ends."

That's a good compromise.


  1. Yeah a strange change. I'm not sure any content is so difficult that you need to sacrifice a healer to give ONE dps another heroism. Seems fairly redundant.

  2. You can put it the other way - you can sacrifice a retri paladin, to give a healer or two another bloodlust. Then battlerez the paladin and keep going. Yeah - it is hard trick to pull off but it is powerful preparation for the moments that tank is under very heavy load.

  3. It's so a paladin can DI somebody during a wipe and not worry about the "victim" NOT being able to be Lusted the next attempt.

  4. When a guild uses 20 SS on the world first anub heroic kill, it's better to think about these things.

    Most people don't abuse these things but should the world first kills really go to the guild who found a way to abuse an ability?

  5. AFAIK, a well-timed DI can buy a raid another minute on the Blood Queen encounter.