Monday, May 02, 2011

Paladin Tier 12

Blizzard recently unveiled the Paladin Tier 12 armor:

I think it looks rather decent. A lot of people deride the "dress" surcoat/cassock, but I rather like them. It makes paladin armor recognizably different than warrior or deathknight armor. It also plays up the "cleric" aspect of the paladin.

The helm is clearly inspired by T2, Judgement armor. In fact, where T2 was Paladin as Dark Inquistor, this set is Paladin as Fiery Inquisitor. Which is a pretty neat interpretation.

What's most interesting to me is that Blizzard did not show off any recolors of the set. And because the T12 theme is fiery armor, I don't see how they can actually do recolors this time around without wrecking the theme. So it will be interesting to see how, or even if, they differentiate the heroic version from the normal version.

My final verdict is that T12 is not in the absolute top Paladin sets (reserved for T2 and T6), but it is certainly above average.


  1. I love the new set and I don't mind wearing a dress, as a healer at least. If I were tanking, it may be more strange :P

  2. Personally, I really like it. One of the things that I liked since Sunken Temple actually was the healer 'dress' pants. T12 gives a sense of being holy yet dangerous, tastes like patch 4.2, and I only hope the Prot/Retri pants will have a different -read 'normal pants'- look, because being holy is SO special...

  3. When I first saw this I thought it was utterly hideous.

    I'm actually not entirely convinced this was labelled right - I still think it looks more like a warlock set.

    On second look though, I'll admit it's growing on me (not that that's important - the likelihood of me ever getting to wear that are tiny)

  4. I actually miss my "dress" from the t10 set. so i'm glad with this design, like ppl say, prot and rets are probably not going to like this tho.

  5. I agree that it does look more like a warlock set, but I do like it, I was a big fan of the judgment set so having another like it is welcome.

  6. Man dress, fiery shoulders..... hells ya!

  7. Even as a tank I don't mind wearing the "Plated Robe" because it is a very Paladin idea, provided that it actually looks like a "Plated Robe" and not cloth.

    I do like this set it has a very nice look about it that,s grown on me the more I look at it. I just don't like the bottom of the helm, it seems to not match up with the rest of the gear.

  8. I saw the helm and for some reason I thought Mask of Death. Personally, I like it.

  9. "It also plays up the "cleric" aspect of the paladin."

    And downplays the plate clad Holy warrior aspect a lot.

    "The helm is clearly inspired by T2, Judgement armor."

    I'll go one step further...the set is essentially a reskinned T2. Its unfortunate that it looks like cloth. As a warlock set, it works well. But there is little that states Paladin here.

  10. I have to agree with many people here. It just looks like a warlock set to me. The "Holy Warrior" aspect is completely lost. We have never really had shiny armor. Thats what we need.

  11. the robe for a plate is ridiculous

    Blizz was create the same tear skin with pants

    with pant the tier is very very likely!!! :)