Thursday, July 14, 2011

Valor Point Capping

Over the last couple of weeks, when I've sat down to game on the computer, here's a list of activities that I wanted to do:
  1. Raid Firelands
  2. Work on the new Molten Front daily quests and achievements.
  3. Play Mass Effect
Notice what's not on the list? Running Troll Heroics for Valor Points.

I liked the troll heroics. I don't mind doing them occasionally. But honestly, being "forced" to do them when there's all this cool new content to explore is very annoying.

What's especially aggravating is that I know that in a couple of weeks the novelty of new content will have started wearing off, and it will be enjoyable to mix in a few heroics. But by then my guild will be 6/7 or 7/7 and we'll be capping out Valor Points just from raiding.

Of course, "forced" is a bit of a misnomer. But right now, capping valor points is the most effective use of non-raid time to help your team defeat bosses. And the worse your guild is, the more pressure there is to do more heroics. Someone in a 4/7 guild only has to do 3 heroics, while someone who is 1/7 needs to do 6.

Please note that the single most effective use of time overall is to put in more attempts on the boss. If your guild is thinking of raiding less and instead doing heroics for valor point gear, reconsider! Down that path lies failure, madness, and a shattered raid team!

I am really not fond of mechanics that keep me doing things that I may not be interested in. If I just want to raid, why not just let me raid? Why make the optimal path include a lot of other stuff?


  1. I no longer raid, so I dont have the same pressure, but I do feel some (though it is self imposed). I would like to do all of those Heroics...I really would, but it is hard to find a ton of time when I spend much of my time on the AH or doing dailies currently. Then I have to try and talk my wife into a Heroic which is no east thing.

  2. That's probably what annoys me the most about the current valor point system. The less bosses you down the more heroics you have to do. I much prefer raiding to the 5-mans.

  3. Valor from a raid should equal the points from a ZA/ZG, not less. They could also give us points per boss too, instead of a lump at the end.

    At the moment the new dailies and rep farming are the best pathway to gear for me.

    I hate the troll runs too unless I can get a guild run - and even then it is sometimes a pain.

  4. I'm right there with you; more so in fact because I chose my "option 3" equivalent. I think Blizz is falling into the same trap high school English teachers do: assigning someone to do something immediately makes it unattractive.

    There's no reason at this point not to mix the Zaroics into the other randoms like they did with the ICC ones; they could still maintain the gear check. This would have two benefits. First, it would increase heroic dungeon variety. Second, it would improve the quality of players in the regular heroic queue. I can't imagine what benefit they think they're drawing by keeping them separate, other than the work it would take to incorporate them.

  5. It would've helped if there were more than two of the new instances.

    Seriously; I'm running the regular heroics instead of the Zuls, because (a) I don't really care about capping*, (b) I don't want to see the same twelve bosses 3.5x each/week/toon, and (c) they're vastly faster.

    * - I realize this is heresy, I know. But I'd like to not burn out.

  6. I so completely agree; a few of my guildies and raid members are powering troll instances every week to max out their points.

    But frankly, I mostly just login to raid with my friends these days, the valor points will come. I am not gonna grind the troll instances and push myself towards burn-out (I wanna burn-out in the Firelands :P) just to have a slightly better shot at success there.

  7. Couldn't agree more with your post m8, being forced into running these stupid retarded crap troll content is just soul destroying i mean who really wants to kill trolls 7 times a week just to get there VP?
    I think Blizzard needs to change the way we gain VP and either give the same amount for normals or something else cause running ZA & ZG 7 times a week just to reach the cap makes you want to stick needles in your eyes!

  8. I'm not sure whether you raid 10-man or 25-man but I commented on Kurn's "Zandalaricraft" article that this might be intentional for 10-mans because they are seen by many people as more fun so they're artificaly made less fun. I find it better than bribing people into running 25-mans although I wish they could find a way to make 25-mans as fun as 10-mans instead of reverse.

    Apart from that, I agree with the rest of your article. I am aware that some people would disagree with you because they revere the tradition but I think those should consider the message Fiddler on the roof says. :-)

    However, I wonder what would you do to allow raiders not to feel forced into non-raid content but allow non-raiders to prepare their characters and themselves for raiding content.

  9. I'm inclined to agree with you and a few of the posters here. WoW doesn't really have a lot of choices of what to do when you reach end-game. You do heroics in order to raid, or do Battlegrounds in order to do Rated Battlegrounds. The lack of choices makes end-game less appealing.

  10. Cap out ONCE? What a lazy concept! You MUST cap out on ALL raiding chars and on farmer alts too to get Valor bracers for ALL specs of ALL chars! "u r slaczor n not l33t lol"

    I'm honestly surprised how madly people are capable to grind for points that they won't be able to use soon.

    The Valor vendor has very limited supply, if someone maxes out conquest every week, after 2 months he won't be able to spend his valors he get in raids.

    I did 3 trolls since 4.2 started.

  11. This is what I don't understand about some of the comments. If you are going to choose to optimize your weekly VP gain (reach cap) and you can't kill enough bosses then you have also the option to do heroics. There is no forcing at all, if you fail at killing bosses and you choose the "easy" path of attaining your weekly cap from heroics then you only have yourself and raiding team to blame for being lazy. As in the author's post, your other option is to continue to work on the bosses and get your VP cap from the kill. Having more then one way to get VP capped does not force you take it, just whether if you have enough self control to take what isn't the most easiest path.

    I also have 2 alts that I like to work on and I don't raid with them much so having a way to VP cap without having to find a pug raid is pretty handy.

  12. @Gevlon
    I'm surprise that you haven't talked about the opportunity gain in selling those BoE bracers. They are going for 10-12k on Cenarius (US).

  13. "Please note that the single most effective use of time overall is to put in more attempts on the boss. If your guild is thinking of raiding less and instead doing heroics for valor point gear, reconsider! Down that path lies failure, madness, and a shattered raid team!"

    Truer words haven't been said.