Monday, May 21, 2012

[Diablo 3] Updates

I'm still slowly going through D3 with my Demon Hunter. I'm in Act III and am about level 30. Here's the build I'm currently using:

Hungering Shot (Cinder Arrow)
Multishot (Fire At Will)
Caltrops (Hooked Spines)
Vault (Action Shot)
Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog)
Companion (Bat Companion)

Passives: Steady Aim, Cull the Weak, Archery

It does a pretty good job so far, I think. Hungering Shot for single-target and building Hatred. Multishot for AoE. Caltrops, Vault and Smokescreen for kiting and defensive play. The Bat Companion to build extra Hatred. And the passives are just damage increases.

In Normal Mode, the only thing I've really died to is the boss of Act II. It took me three tries to kill it.

I've also started a Hardcore Barbarian, and took him to level 10 before I stopped playing him. I'll write more about him tomorrow.


  1. As a six year veteran of WoW, I keep right clicking NPC in D3.

    The Butcher was really hard for me as a Demon Hunter I ended up having to group for that.

  2. You should realize you can pick many abilities from the same subset and bind them on the hot bar. If you prefer to not play with one archery and one defensive but would rather have (2) defensive picked you can. Go to the OPTIONS, GAMEPLAY, and click the box marked ELECTIVE MODE.

    This is the most overlooked option on the menu to customize your build. While wandering through the zones to get to the dungeons I am using Hungering shot on the left mouse button and Bola on the right for alternating penetrating and stun effects. You can load up defensive abilities for boss fights where your pet makes little difference or load up devices (traps) for kiting elites.

    Don't feel you are limited to (1) ability from each category - you aren't.

  3. @DSJ, the build I posted is an elective mode build (2 defensive, 2 hunting, no secondary, no devices).