Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mists Day Two Thoughts

You know, I'm rather glad I'm not in a raiding guild at the moment. There's no pressure to level, to get to max level as fast as possible so the guild can start raiding. I can play a little bit, then log off, then play a bit more later. Plenty of time to stop and smell the cherry blossoms.

I've hit level 86 and am about 75% of the way through the first zone. The first half of the zone was very much  the faction intro quest, and the second half is more of "Introduction to Pandaria" where you show off the pandaren culture and meet the inhabitants of the continent.

The second half is structured as a "spoke-and-wheel" sort of idea. There's a central hub, and it sends you in multiple smaller quest hubs in several directions. You can do these smaller hubs in any order. I think one of the hubs is the "main quest line". I think this spoke-and-wheel setup is a lot better than Cataclysm's linear model. It feels more sprawling and gives the separate parts of a zone a more distinct flavor.

I'm also enjoying the new Retribution model. Most abilities give Holy Power, and Inquistion/Templar's Verdict use Holy Power. It's a much tighter loop, and is a lot of fun. As well, Divine Purpose is pretty hilarious when it procs off itself. I've managed to chain 4 Templar's Verdicts back-to-back. It's just awesome when RNG goes off in your favor like that.

A final observation, the introductory quest plate armor is very good looking. It's a white/lightish set, and is very clean, elegant, and functional. Not very a lot of bells and whistles, but just gorgeous.


  1. That hat seems quite reminiscent of Tier 9 if I'm remembering correctly -- which I rather liked, although most people seemed to hate it.

  2. Yeah, I think it's T9 as well. Though, I'm not 100% certain that hat is the same model as the rest of the set.

    You can purchase green gear from the first hub (so you can get a tank or heal set if want). Those sets look sort of like this, but a bit darker and a bit more coppery. However, the helm model of the purchase gear is completely different.

  3. I did the first view quests as holy (testing wether you can quest as holy or not) and the chest I got looks exactly like the T9 one.

  4. Have you done any of the insances yet? I decided to level as a tank and so queues have been non-existent. So far, I've hit Mogu Palace, the Brewery, and Jade Temple. Fun and quick. The only downside is that I eneded up doing Jade Temple and the Brewery before I finished all the questing that explained the story behind it (which was pretty great. Seems like it will be very easy to upgrade everything.

    One thing about the new system of quest rewards is that there are some quests and some dungeon quests, is that I feel like I should have changed specs to heals beofere taking the quest just so I can start to upgrade my heal set. As it is, it doesn't look like I will be going for healing pieces until I am at 90.

  5. I'm really a fan of right now. You get Ashbringer!

    Though Noxxic has changed their mind it seems on recommended talents there. It's still fun.

  6. I have the set that I think you are referencing (, but the helm is different. What helm do you have?

  7. I found the answer: Unfortunately for me, this is an Alliance only reward.