Monday, October 29, 2012

Fatty Goatsteak and Golden Lotus Dailies

Fatty Goatsteak

If there's one Tillers daily that generates a lot of ire, it's Fatty Goatsteak. Personally, I pull one goat at a time, and see something like a 50% drop rate. AoE'ing an entire group seems like overkill as well being annoying to everyone around you.

What I would like Blizzard to do is give the goats a buff that, when in close proximity, significantly increases the knockback on their attack. So if you pull an entire group, you get flung back into Karasang Wilds. I think that would "encourage" people to share the goats, as well as provide a great source of amusement for the rest of us.

Golden Lotus Dailies

For the most part I like the various dailies. But I think that Blizzard repeated the error of the Molten Front when it comes to the Golden Lotus dailies. Like the Molten Front, you have to go through the Golden Lotus quests in the same order everyday. Every single day you start off at the stairs, and have to kill 12 mogu.

It would have been far better if you could access all two or three mini-hubs at the same time. Maybe the base hub has three quests, one for each mini-hub. That way you could do whichever hub you wanted to, or are not bored of yet.

The mistake is compounded because Golden Lotus is the key reputation in the "serious" reputation chain, as it unlocks two other reputations. That means that you absolutely have to do that stairs hub again and again.

The most disappointing thing though, is that this is a repeated mistake. That Blizzard did not learn the lessons from the Molten Front that they should have learned.


  1. I AoE pull the Goats in Tank mode, and generally get all my drops needed in 1-2 pulls.

    I'd argue that I'm done faster that way which leaves others to play their way. My damage also helps kill the ones around it. I get bounced around by the goats, but as they are aggro'ed and I aim for the uphill next set I sometimes use the punt to move around. :)

    On the days where that is not the Daily they are a fun pack kill that gives all sorts of goodies.

  2. I am happily revered with Golden Lotus so I moved on to Shado-Pan. They atleast is 3 different sets to choose from as is Klaxxi. Havent done August Celestials yet, but they are 3 different sets too I think.

    So yeah just get through Golden Lotus to revered and take a break until they give double rep in 5.1 :)

  3. It takes us tanks a lot longer to kill individual mobs but we make up for it by AoE and spreading censure around. DPS's special flower need to have the biggest numbers pop up already led to our numbers being nerfed to the ground don't QQ away our one remaining advantage to solo play.

    There are many other ways to fix this problem other than making it unplayable for tank classes.

  4. Goats and hozen. Slow Fall is a boon to puntable squishy mages like me. We can get away from inadvertent over-pulls by leaping off the cliff!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Golden Lotus dailies. I'm so bored with them.

  5. I do have to say, watching a cat druid try to take an entire pack is hilarious.

  6. Golden Lotus isn't really the same order... It starts with the stairs with a randomized set of quests, and then you randomly get one of two hubs for the second group, then one of two hubs for the third once you unlock that.

    And it seems that the third hub can also pick from the second hubs, or maybe that was just because I dinged Revered at the same time it was generating it, throwing it off.

    I get what you're saying, though. Compared to other daily hubs, Golden Lotus is really long, and doesn't always feel like it's as rewarding for how long you spend in it.

  7. You can group up on the goat dailies, and the drops are shared. So I spam invite everyone around me, and then I go tank and pull as many as I can. That way everyone finishes up quickly.

    But yes, easily the most annoying Tiller daily.

  8. They need to make more goat spawns or have them respawn faster.

  9. The drop rate was improved at some point, it was more like 1 in 5 the very first day I did it. I switched from GL to august and Shado pan the day I got revered and had a nice holiday for about 1-2 weeks before the masses started on them. Not that their is not some fairly horrible shado pan dailys. Even last night. Ok I want to bomb a building, I fly in knowing I will need to kill the mob, Ok I pull 3, i kill them, Somehow 2 more get pulled I kill them., I am fighting in a doorway so I move out and get another 2, then somehow another aggroes. 8 mobs just to bomb 1 building out of 5. Uggh.

    But i reached revered with all relevant reps a week ago, Now I just spam run them earlier in the week to reach the valor cap and just do the ironpaw token daily for the rest of the week. Sadly fatty goatsteaks is a ironpaw daily:(

  10. I think the fact you go through multiple hubs that each have 4+ quests hurts. Winds up feeling very long.

    And like you said, starting at the same spot each day also felt bad. Would be have been much fresher to have the three subzones for a certain day completely randomized in terms of order.

  11. I think the repeated the mistake with the other required rep because blizzard is still living the dream that they can force everyone to "enjoy" dailies.