Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Into Kun-Lai Summit

I finished Karasang Wilds, hit level 88, and have moved on to Kun-Lai Summit. If you don't know, finishing both Karasang Wilds and Valley of the Four Winds unlocks a final quest hub, which provides an ending to the main storylines in both those two zones.

I thought this final hub was very well done, capping the story line appropriately, and also bringing back many familiar faces from the two zones.

Moving on to Kun-Lai Summit, I've only done a couple quest hubs. I particularly liked the hub where you essentially build an Alliance outpost, and the outpost improves as you do quests. It's a good use of phasing.

Phasing in Mists is interesting. Blizzard is doing a lot with phasing of NPC characters and individuals, but is using phasing of terrain sparingly. As well, the majority of phasing occurs in friendly, non-combat areas, and not out in the world. I think they're doing this to keep everyone in phase which each other especially when it matters most for combat, even if we're interacting with NPCs in different phases.

All in all, questing is still going strong.


  1. I just started questing my mage up last night, and now Ive got a chance to actually read the quests and watch the cutscenes, questing is really fun!

    Looking forward to seeing how Karasang Wilds winds up, as I didnt really get to explore those story lines when i was powering my warrior up.

  2. I'm in about the same area as you, Rohan. But I can't help thinking there's unfinished business back in Kalimdor that we should be attending to, instead of pottering about killing cartoon rodents and planting peas, pretending we're farmers.

  3. Optimized it may be, but isn't it just more of the same? With a new coat of (panda) paint, running on the same treadmill, with the scenery a little more scenic?

  4. I am enjoying Kun Lai a lot. I wish they would add a Grummle (the sherpas of Mt. Neverrest) companion pet that acts like the guild page. I also got to see a horde raid take out the world boss Sha of Anger.

    Don't forget to explore all the caves in the area and install NPC Scan so you can pick up on any rare elites. The Lost and Found treasures you find, even if they only have vendor trash, give out a lot of xp. I got 500,000 from one! I never knew I had this kind of exploring nature in me.