Monday, May 27, 2013

Jedi Knight Complete!

Over the weekend I finally finished a second Star Wars: The Old Republic class story line. This time I played a Jedi Knight with the Sentinel advanced class. The sentinel is a melee class that wields two lightsabers.

The story was quite good, but a lot more "straightforward" than the Imperial Agent. It's often said that the Jedi Knight story is the equivalent of Knights of the Old Republic 3, and that's very true. But on the other hand, it plays out almost exactly like you would expect it to play out.

I did play Light Side again. I guess I'm just not one for the Dark Side.

I can't really talk about about the story line much without spoilers. However, I do like that Bioware did not shy away from making significant changes to the game world in the various story lines. The Jedi Knight (and Agent to a lesser degree) had "world-shaking" events happen in them, and the other story lines in the game reflect those changes.

My next class in TOR is the Sith Inquistor. This time I'm going with a healer character, to see how leveling with a healer is. I don't know if I'll end up Light or Dark. I started out Light Side, mostly rebelling against the Sith, but then other characters started annoying me, and the Shock conversation options became too tempting. So now my Inquistor is pretty neutral.


  1. I liked Operative healing, and Sorcerer healing is too slow-paced in comparison.
    Long cast times, people tend to run out of range, very little mobility, no cover mechanic (in case tank didn't notice that little shooting assault droid).
    However, shield is nice, and I suppose Sorcerer can handle spike damage better.

  2. I enjoyed the shield too, and I have to admit I was tempted to shock the Inquisitor's first companion a lot. He creeped me out, to be honest.

  3. I've leveled four to 50 now, and the JK and Agent were my favorites. Bounty Hunter and Jedi Counselor, not so epic.

    I've only leveled the Counselor Dark side so far, but has me thinking Dark side could be fun for the inquisitor... :)

  4. I also liked the Jedi Knight story quite a lot and I agree that it certainly feels like Knights of the Old Republic 3. I also chose Sentinel as Advanced Class, but went fully Dark Side instead. A dark Jedi seems to creep out many NPCs and players characters alike.

    You might have a harder time playing a Light Side Sith Inquisitor because it will take quite some time until you get a companion who appreciates kindness and mercy and if you intend to level as a Healer, you may very well need Khem Val as your Tank. Also, leveling as a Healer can become rather tedious due to slow and drawn out combat, so I’d suggest doing plenty of Flashpoints and Warzones.

  5. Heh, I actually like annoying Khem Val. But then he randomly approves of certain actions. I figure I can just make up the affection loss with gifts later.

  6. You should play Sith Warrior next, that one also has a major impact on the overall storyline (possibly the biggest).

  7. Khem is not a darkside person. He (it?) is just fond of killing force users, Sith or Jedy alike, and he also likes shows of strength. It is possible to get his affection up with light side choice.
    E.g. when you confront D.Skotia, you can turn his servants on him (dark side choice, loss of affection with Khem) or say that this is your own fight (light side choice, gain of affection).

  8. Well you certainly picked the best stories to play first. The Agent and the Jedi Knight are probably the best for each of their respective factions, although I have to say I enjoyed the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler as well. The Jedi Counselor was a total let down though, especially when taken in comparison to the Knight. I felt kind of "ripped off" at the end with the Counselor. I literally stared at my computer for a minute thinking, "That's it?" Haven't tried an Inquisitor yet so no idea what that story is like.