Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Patch 5.3

Patch 5.3 came out today. I am actually way behind in WoW. I haven't beaten Lei Shien yet in LFR, I have 0 Secrets for the Legendary Quest, and I just hit Revered with the Klaxxi.

I did the first scenario, Blood in the Snow. Pretty good scenario, and I do like what Blizzard is doing with Moira.  I must admit that I ignored the NPC telling me not to attack the big group of trolls, and promptly marked one to be shot. Well played, Blizzard, well played.

Don't really have a lot else to say about patch 5.3 so far. The PvP changes are interesting. It occurs to me that PvP gear has evolved a lot. When resilience was first introduced, better PvP gear made you harder to kill. Then better PvP gear made you harder to kill and better at killing others. Now everyone is equally hard to kill, but better PvP gear makes you better at killing others.

How was your Patch Day?


  1. Patch day was more like addon update day with a quick Gal kill. I'll get to the new content this weekend.

  2. The bit with Moira seemed to come out of nowhere. The last time I had any dealings with her she was threatening to destroy Ironforge. It's a nice idea but like the changes with Varian it lacked any kind of in-game foundation.

    Spoilers to follow.

    And you will receive the definite message that the Alliance is the junior power in Azeroth when you complete the introductory quests. They have the military might to partner with a fraction of the Horde as equals. Not much encouragement for the future.

    I do like the "let's you and him fight" idea but the execution doesn't feel clever so much as desperate. Poorly done overall.

  3. Really? I thought it followed well from the new dwarf starting quests in Cataclysm. They set up Moira as someone who is clearly working to obtain rulership over the dwarves for her son. But she is doing so lawfully.

  4. Well, that would be a large part of it then. The last time I talked to her Nax wasn't yet floating above the Plaguelands and we still thought that the eredar had corrupted Sargeras.

  5. Didn't do a whole lot of "new" stuff. Concentrated on valor capping an alt but was happy when my 3rd coin off the week gave me tier.

    I did the blood on the snow but the others where moving too fast for me to follow the story and also dieing a lot when I didn't keep up. I think the rogue died about 6 times.., slunk off too bed early to try and get over a head cold.