Sunday, October 19, 2014

Republic Makeb Thoughts

It's almost time for a new expansion in The Old Republic, so I've finally finished the Makeb story line on a Republic character. I completed it on my Jedi Knight (Sentinel).

The new GSI buff stations that boost your gear level make Makeb much easier. I once accidentally logged out in the middle of a mission far away from a station, and when I logged back in I did not have the buff. The rest of the mission was much harder. I had to switch from a dps companion to a healing companion to finish it.

It's pretty clear that the Republic story line should be done first. It comes earlier, and a lot of the mysteries are cleared up when you go through the Empire story line. The Republic story is also a lot more straightforward than the Imperial story, being a regular rescue mission. Albeit a rescue mission for an entire planet.

The only hard fight was the final battle, and that was mainly because I kept getting one-shot right at the start of the fight. Once I figured out that I had to start the attack from a different location, it went smoothly. Of course, this probably more due to the GSI buff than any skill on my part.

I would rate the Republic story lower than the Imperial story. The Imperial story was a bit stronger, the NPCs (especially Katha Niar) were more interesting, and the conclusion was stronger. Plus Darth Marr is just awesome.

I think the villains for both stories were a bit weak. For one thing, they didn't really have any personal contact with your character until the very end.

Overall, Makeb was an "okay" story. Nothing really amazing, but nothing really wrong either.


  1. As someone who did the Republic storyline first I found it really annoying that the Republic is so ignorant of what's happening on Makeb. The ending is really anti-climatic when after going through all that trouble to save everyone, the planet just stabilises without an explanation.

  2. I like the Makeb story precisely because you can follow it to the end and NOT have to go into a raid to find out the ending.

    That said, I had to team up with another player to finish Makeb on the Imp side (I was on my Sorcerer and playing with my pirate, not a healer, which made it much harder).

  3. @Shintar, well, that's sort of how it appears to the Republic. They are supposed to be confused and unsure about what is happening. So I'm not certain that having the Republic player be confused and unsure is wrong, exactly.

    Something similar happens on the Imperial side at the end of the class quests. All you know is that something happened to the Emperor, but you have no idea what really happened (until the Makeb intro, actually).