Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Prison Games

From Azuriel, here are two hypothetical scenarios.

Scenario 1
The first one was this: you’re going to jail for ten years, but it’s a minimum security prison that will allow you to take one offline game (any DLC included) with you. But that will be the only game you get for those ten years. Which game do you pick?
I'd take something that had really good modding tools. Maybe the old Neverwinter Nights. That way I'd be able to continuously reshape the game.

Though I might just take a decent version of MS Visual Studio instead. A full-out programming language might be more interesting. Not sure if that counts as a game, though.

Scenario 2
The second scenario is similar, but this time it’s life in prison. For some insane reason, the Warden will allow you to take any three games and allow an internet connection. The parameters did not specify whether future DLC or microtransactions will be free for you, but let’s assume you can make enough money stamping licence plates to cover, say, $30/month. Which games do you pick?
This one is a lot more complicated. Life is a very long time. What games from 20 years ago are we still playing? What game do we expect to still be running 20 years from now? Also, if the company comes out with a sequel, does it count as the same game? For example, SE has FFXIV now, and is essentially sun-setting FFXI.

Heck, what game companies do I still expect to be around 20 years from now?

I almost want to choose the same games as the first scenario, just because I can guarantee those games or programs will still run.

I guess I'd pick WoW or Eve Online. They're among the oldest, and the most likely to still be in existence. I'd think about Everquest, but I'm not sure how stable the company Daybreak is. FFXIV might be a choice, but I think SE will eventually go the sequel route and bring out FFXX or something.

A FPS might be a decent choice, as I don't really care about MOBAs. But I'm not sure that any one FPS will live long enough.

Another good option would be an online casual game hangout. One which plays traditional games like poker or chess. Those games have stood the test of time, and you're really just hanging out to chat while you play.

So my choices would be WoW, a casual card or board game hangout, and an offline moddable game from Scenario 1 (or Visual Studio). That way I'd at least have a backup if the online games ceased to exist.

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  1. Any good 4X game is ideal in these circumstances. Civilization, Alpha Centauri, Master of Magic will easily entertain you for 10 years because of high replayability and many difficulty levels.

    Crafting sandboxes like Minecraft and its derivatives is the second pick.

    Of course, stay away from any story-centered game.