Thursday, February 18, 2016

Play Diary #4

The Old Republic

Raid night again. This time Ravagers was the highlighted HM operation, so we tried that. We went with two melee, which was not entirely successful. For Sparky, the melee didn't really help with adds, so I managed to get 100 stacks of the add debuff before the 25% soft enrage even started. Surprising I stayed alive for a fair bit, much to the credit of the healers, but died at around 10%.

Bulo was messy as well, but we killed it. Then we wiped on Torque for the rest of the night. I think we've beaten Torque once, but we don't do Ravagers very often, so we are out of practice.

As well, I think we would benefit from precisely choreographing the tank's movement to avoid certain hazards. But the standard guides just say "avoid fire", so we're left to wing it. We also have a couple of high skill players who prefer to stick to the guides and the standard strategies at all times. And who knows, maybe they're right and the precise movement plan won't work.

Blade And Soul

I didn't do much in Blade and Soul. I did a couple of the low level PvP dailies to increase my Faction rank and become eligible for the higher level dailies. I then tried the higher level PvP dailies, but got killed several times by the opposing faction.

So I gave that up and ran two of the level 45 blue dungeons. I really should write a post on BnS dungeons. They're a zerg, but they're not quite a zerg. I'm not even sure how to describe it. They somehow work, but I'm not exactly sure why I find them fun when I deeply dislike all other zergs in other MMOs.


  1. Hm, I thought your main was an agent. When did you switch to tanking again?

    1. My main is a sniper. We do Sparky by having the ranged be in between the add spawns and the boss. Thus the adds run to the ranged, the ranged drags them to the same point, and we kill them there.

      Normally we get some stacks, but not a whole lot because we kill the adds fairly fast.

      For Torque, it's just my diagnosis, but we aren't controlling where the fire is dropped, and thus the tank movement is rather chaotic, and we'll often wipe because a tank makes a bad decision on which way to move.