Friday, February 19, 2016

Play Diary #5

The Old Republic

Second raid night, but we only had 5 people on. So we pugged 3 people and we did an alt run of Scum & Villainy HM. I switched to my Sorc healer, who was somewhat undergeared. I didn't even realize I still had a i186 weapon.

The run went fairly well, though one of our pugs had never done S&V HM before, and the second tank had only done the first four bosses. Our newbie decided to be "helpful" on Operations Chief, and threw out a heal on someone in a different group.

Operations Chief is a really neat boss. You have to sneak through a city, avoiding patrolling droids and get to 4 guard teams. The raid breaks into 4 groups of 2 people, and each group takes a separate guard team. You have 6 minutes to take out all the guards and get to the chief guard. In HM, you absolutely cannot interfere with another group in any way or you wipe, which is unfortunately what happened.

(You know, writing that fight's description makes me sad about TOR's current lack of raiding. Their raid design team made some excellent boss fights.)

But aside from that, the run went fairly well and we killed the first 6 bosses. We didn't really have enough time, dps or heals for Styrak, so we called it after that. It was a pretty good run for being alts and pugs.

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