Wednesday, January 03, 2018

A Hard Time With Secondary Goals

I'm currently having a hard time choosing a secondary goal in WoW. There's many options, but I'm not really enthusiastic about them.

My main goal is raiding of course, but that's reserved for a couple of specific nights a week.

Possible goals:

  • Finish the mage tower challenge. I've tried it about 4-5 times. I usually get up to the point where you have to heal the ghosts, and then I die there. I'm really not used to healing outside of the UI. I probably should practice and finish this though.
  • Get the Retribution and Protection hidden artifact weapon appearances. Retribution in particular is supposed to be an interesting quest line.
  • Get the artifact fishing rod. I have leveled fishing to 800, so I could continue on and get the Underlight Angler.
  • Get the PvP Prestige rank 1, or whatever they call it. I only have about half the PvP talents unlocked.
  • Continue working on one of my other max-level characters. I have a mage, warrior, demon hunter and shaman at 110, but I haven't really concentrated on any single one. Instead I desultorily play one or the other at random.
  • Level a new character. I'm waiting for 7.3.5 and all the changes to leveling before trying leveling again. 

The thing is that I don't really value one of these options more than the others. So I try different options and random, and don't really make any real progress.

What goals are you working on in WoW (or any other game)?


  1. Getting the Corrupted Ashbringer skin was a lot of fun. It had a number of references to the old theories in Vanilla about how to get the Ashbringer.

    If you want an easy way to get Prestige level 1 (or level 2 for the skin unlock) choose the order hall option to auto-complete a world quest every 18 hours. Pick the PvP world quests to get honor as well as the reward. The bonus Battleground events also help, but expect to lose a fair amount as many folks who don't understand PvP objectives tend to play those.

    1. I have no real issues with doing Battlegrounds for Prestige. I'm not against doing them, I'm just not particularly enthusiastic about doing them either.

    2. I think I'm on Prestige 3 now almost solely by using the daily auto-complete item from the Order Hall on the pvp world quests that reward 500 honor. It also helped get the mount from doing each of the zones quest 20 times.
      The Retribution weapon quest chain is interesting up until the final bits where there are hours of grinding involved, particularly the fishing. It does feel like an achievement though to finally get it.
      I must have tried the Mage Tower quest 30 times so far. I'm trying to build up the motivation to try again. It's always either the first phase or the healing the ghosts for me too. But each try takes so long...
      For me I still also need to do a mythic 15+ before the rewards for that goes away.

    3. Hmm, I didn't know there was mount for doing world quests. I'll have to look into that.

      I also haven't done a Mythic 15+. I don't really do Mythic+ dungeons though. I suppose that's another option to look into.

  2. I'd like to level a character and actually see some of the 1-60 content added in Cataclysm, but like you, I prefer to wait for the leveling changes to be added.

    While the Mage Tower was satisfying to complete on my Holy Paladin, I almost don't want to experience it again on another character. I struggled on that same phase (for the same reason) and ultimately had to watch a video to understand some of the more irritating things that were happening, like not being able to heal the spirits as soon as they become active. In any case, I wish I had gotten that far in only 4-5 attempts!

    For me, the Mage Tower filled a certain thirst for challenge, but you may be getting enough of that already with heroic raiding. In your position, I would probably be leaning towards a more relaxed secondary goal.

    1. To be fair, my progress on the Mage Tower is not that impressive in context. I tried the Mage Tower challenge once when it first came out, and I died on like Wave 2. So I tabled it, and the remaining attempts happened near the end of Tomb of Sargeras when I was geared out in H ToS gear.

      Perhaps you're right about pursuing a relaxed secondary goal. The thing about the Mage Tower is that I did like 2 attempts, and then decided that was enough for the night each time I tried it.

  3. My project has been to get my level-capped alts through the Argus questline. This has a side benefit that, with a handful of alts, I can completely pay for my subscription with gold earned through Order Hall Missions.

    The Mage Tower doesn't do it for me. I'm not that into weapon appearances and transmog so that hasn't been a draw. I've got the Underlight Angler, but there are more fishing achievements I'll probably get around to doing this summer as my next endeavor.

    1. My problem with that is that I really don't like doing content I've already done. I've done Argus on my main and one alt, and really can't face doing it again on other characters.