Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker!

Yes, my screenshot skills are very rusty. This is better than the shots where I have my back to the camera.
My guild downed Heroic Argus the Unmaker this weekend!  We spent an hour trying to get our fifth kill on Aggramar, so it wasn't looking very promising.  However, our first attempt was a heart-breaking 0% wipe, so we knew it was in our grasp.

The next couple of pulls were odd wipes, including one where Argus decided to walk away from the tanks, turn around, and Cone of Death them. Finally we got a good pull where everything went well, went into the last phase, got Titanforging early, and everyone stayed alive longer than normal.

Argus is an interesting fight in that the last phase completely resets the board. Everyone who's dead comes back to life with the rest of the group and you start again cleanly. In some ways it's kind of nice, because once you've mastered the first phases, you don't have to do them perfectly while learning the last phase. A death or two here or there is perfectly survivable, and you can save battle resses for the last phase.

Now we just have to fix our issues with Aggramar. I'm not sure what's going on. I think we made some small changes which is making the fight more fragile for us.

Still, that's Legion pretty much done and dusted for us. I doubt we will try Mythic, just due to avoiding the roster hassle.

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  1. Aggramar just requires enough long-lasting control (druid roots, warlock banish, hunter trap) to cover all adds (minus one) and one death knight to yonk adds into Aggramar at the command of RL (i.e. when raid has no debuff and is relatively healthy). The problems usually come from confusion of controllers (split the circumference into parts using floor markers and assign each controller to an add that appears between two particular floor markers) and when controlles go to split fire strike, get thrown back and cannot reapply control in time (in this case, make sure they watch Aggramar's energy and renew the control spell shortly before Tai'Shalah Technique begins).