Monday, April 30, 2018


This is probably the longest I've gone between posts. I really should just sit down and write, instead of thinking about writing.


We're clearing Antorus every week. I guess now we're just waiting for the next expansion. The officers are trying to get a taste of Mythic, but we just don't have the numbers.  Even our heroic runs usually only have around 18 people.

Rift Prime

I finally got Trion's website to work. The adblocker I run was interfering with their payment provider. I signed up for a package, and have been leveling a Guardian Warrior. Hopefully I will go into it in more detail in a future post. But by and large, pretty much everything I said when I first tried Rift still holds. 

Which does make sense, as it is a Prime server. But that also means that the reasons I stopped playing Rift before are going to cause me to stop playing Rift now.


Otherwise I'm not really playing anything. I guess Bless Online is coming out shortly, maybe I will give that a whirl.


  1. Did you write about Rift when it first came out? There are no posts with the tag other than the previous one.

    And any plans to check in on SWTOR again some time? They did return to making group content this year. :)

    1. I haven't tagged anything past a year or so. Just search for "Rift" in the box at the top, and all the Rift posts should come up.

      As for SWTOR, I've been thinking about it. The thing about group content though, is that my group is gone, and I'm not sure I'm up to finding a new group. But it might be nice to see the conclusion to the Valkorian story.

  2. We've stop even clearing Argus. Right now, we're achievement hunting. Did Argus achievement 2 weeks ago and got the mount. We're now working on Tomb and the last boss which just requires a lot of blood DK.

    1. Achievement hunting is a good idea! Maybe I'll bring it up with the leadership. Mythics are just not happening with our current headcount, but we could aim to get the raid achievements with whoever shows up.

  3. If you have friends off realm, you can do cross-realm Mythic raiding now! That's what our raid team is doing.