Wednesday, December 19, 2018

8.1 Island Expeditions, Part 2

Though Blizzard announced that they had changed the way rewards were determined for Island Expeditions in 8.1, they actually made many other changes.  Many of the changes I wanted in the previous post have been implemented, even if it is still something of a race:
  • The location of monster packs has been tightened up. It's a lot easier to move between or around packs without accidentally pulling the entire island.
  • The amount of Azerite elementals has been greatly reduced. I don't think I've seen a large elemental yet. This puts the focus back on the varied fauna of the island.
  • Invasions of other creatures occur a lot earlier, and I think it's possible for two different types to land. Like you might get Vrykul early and then Mantid later on. 
  • I think that the items you need for the various quests to rescue NPCs are now found much closer. So it's much more likely you'll actually be able to do those quests.
All in all, the changes to Island Expeditions have made them a lot smoother and a better experience. It feels like you have more control over your progress, with more focus on special monsters rather than zerging everything in sight.

Island Expeditions are still the same in many ways as in 8.0, just a more refined experience. I think they're more enjoyable, and I rather like doing the four or five Heroic ones you need for the Weekly Treasure map.


  1. Ever since they implemented the treasure map for completing the weekly quest, I just have to do them on as many as I can (10 for now). For those people complaining that there's nothing to do...

    1. Wow, I don't think I could handle 40 or 50 expeditions per week. That's just too much for me, even if they are better now.