Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Battle for Darkshore

Patch 8.1 was released yesterday. I did the Night Elf quest chain leading to the Battle of Darkshore.

I really enjoyed the quest line. It was good to see the Night Elves go feral and strike back.

The new warfront is interesting. The initial phase before getting a base is longer, which makes it feel more like an invasion or amphibious assault.

The primary resource seems to be wood, where Arathi emphasized iron. In Darkshore it feels like you use iron for recruiting troops or special abilities, and use wood for building. I liked the Night Elf style of the buildings, and the abilities you get.

It did seem to go a bit faster than Arathi, with a shorter building phase, but that might be just because we're learning the new zone.

I'm not really sure about the undead/goblin opposition. Though that's mostly because I don't like goblins and the "tech" that they bring in. They seem out of place in a night elf/worgen/undead fight. It's all shadows and knives in the dark, then the goblins burst in with flashy neon lights.

All in all, the new warfront is pretty good. Warfronts aren't really an activity I focus on, but it's nice to do them once or twice whenever they become active in each cycle.


  1. Kill the spam post above pls, looks like it passed your filter....

    As for the warfront, as much as I liked the Night Elf lore (night elf druid main :), I find that the warfront is the same garbage as Arathi. There's zero strategy, zero cooperation, zero....well anything. Just zerg for the win. I'd have preferred a much smaller group version, with a more "warcraft 3" feeling, difficulty levels and the possibility to actually lose.

    1. Yeah, the night elf lore was great. I'm contemplating rolling a night elf now, using the Night Warrior skin.

      As for difficulty, I think it's around Heroic dungeon or LFR difficulty. I don't think you can really go higher than that for random group content. Especially when you can't guarantee the group has a tank or healer.