Tuesday, September 03, 2019

WoW Classic Observations, Part 2

More WoW Classic observations:

  • Ragnaros and Onyxia have been killed already, pretty much putting a stake through the heart of the "Classic is hard!" crowd. As someone observed, Queen Azshara has about as many mechanics as all of Molten Core combined.
  • I was a bit surprised when Ragnaros died. I thought Hydraxian Waterlord rep would gate the kill. But apparently you can grind Hydraxian Waterlord rep in Silithus or something, so people were able to obtain enough Aqual Quintessence to spawn Ragnaros.
  • I'm really not feeling the druid. After playing a bit more and trying to analyse why, I think I just don't like shape-shifting for some reason. Druid is also the one original class I've never really been able to level on Retail either, and I think it is for much the same reason. Maybe it's part of my aversion to transmog, where I like seeing my character look change as I level.
  • I did try to tank Ragefire Chasm at level 12. This was probably a small mistake, as many enemies are level 15 and bosses are level 16. It did get better when I dinged 13 in the middle of the dungeon. Also, druid is completely missing AoE threat and a ranged pull in Bear form (at that level), so gathering mobs was a little difficult. Apparently you get Swipe at 16, in time for Deadmines or Wailing Caverns, which would have made life a lot easier.
  • I've been trying several other classes, but I really cannot pick a class to focus on.
  • We are beginning to see more and more posts suggesting that--for a lot of players--Blizzard was right when they said "You think you want it, but you don't." I think Classic is actually improving the view of Retail by highlighting the things Retail does better.
  • I think the wider WoW community is beginning to coalesce around the phrase "Retail is a better game. Classic is a better world." I've seen it posted in multiple discussion threads by multiple people, and it is always highly rated and gets positive responses. In a month or so, I predict this will be the accepted wisdom in the WoW community.


  1. > "Retail is a better game. Classic is a better world."

    I don't agree but I can see why some people do. But that'll fall apart when they release TBC: Classic servers.

    1. Well, we'll see. I'm of the opinion that TBC actually damaged a lot of the world aspects, even as it improved the game aspects.

    2. Sorry, that's what I meant.

      Classic was the best world, TBC was the best game.

  2. I can't agree the Current game is a better game, just a philosophically different game. Classic is better designed for people to enjoy playing together, that's for sure.

    1. I think when people say "game", they mean more the immediate combat, rotations, things like that. In some ways, the solo parts.