Thursday, August 29, 2019

More WoW Classic Thoughts

Tuesday was raid night in BfA so I didn't play much Classic. We did log on after the raid to set up a Classic guild, which was mostly a round of collecting silver and signatures from people running to Razor Hill. I did get a chance to play more on Wednesday. Here are some random thoughts:

  • It looks like Blizzard bit the bullet and drastically increased the number of layers per server. While this has greatly reduced queues, it will probably cause them grief when it comes time to collapse those layers. But I guess they're kicking the can down the road, and figuring that queues later are better than queues now.
  • I find it pretty funny coming across skeletons in Mulgore. You can tell that, yup, a lowbie got jumped by a few mobs and died here.
  • Speaking of which, I've seen some people claim that these deaths are evidence that Classic is hard, and I don't think that's correct. It's very easy to avoid dying in Classic. Pull carefully, don't attack more than one mob at a time, run away if a second one engages. It's more that people are impatient, and willing to push the edge. And then sometimes they misjudge and die.
  • I've got Corhal up to level 10, though I haven't done the druid quest (bear form, I believe) yet. I'm not really "feeling" the druid, though. I'm not sure if I should keep going, or try a different class. After all, I will have bear and cat forms eventually, and those might be more interesting than casting.
  • The one thing I really, really like in Classic is the chat. Now maybe this is just because it is launch, but it is very nice to see conversations going on. I do think that the amount of downtime does help, though. It's very easy to type something quickly while drinking or eathing to regen mana and health after a fight.
  • It's funny to see much of the lowbie conversation revolve around bags. Six-slot bags are the equivalent of epics in Mulgore.


  1. On Myzrael, there were people making cloth bags for tips as long as you bring the mats. I'm sure they want to level up Tailoring, but still it's pretty nice they're not simply dumping it on the AH for a change.

    Another item worth its weight in gold are those armor kits. They make Whites more bearable if you've boosted them a bit.

    1. Yeah, I saw someon advertising cloth bags in general chat. A guild member who is a tailor sent everyone a bag, and we sent him some cloth.

  2. I think you're being a bit flippant about the difficulty. Yes, careful pulling can help a lot, but:

    - Even a single mob can kill you sometimes if it gets lucky with crits while you suffer a string of misses / resists.
    - In busy areas, mobs can respawn right on top of you, making it hard to recover between fights.
    - Running away isn't always an option due to mob density, and even if you try, you might end up getting dazed.

    1. For me a big part of the dying issue is population density, ironically. It's very easy to go deep into caves and mines when all the mobs are dead because there are 20+ people in there slaughtering everything. Then suddenly they all get their quest drops and kills around the same time and the first you know about it is when you look up from looting your mob to find you're the only one left and everything has respawned. I've had that happen multiple times and even running out isn't an option when you pick up 6-8 mobs, some of which stun.

      Outdoors, though, proper pulling discipline makes a huge difference. It's a rusty skill but it's coming back fast!

    2. I will say that --as a Rogue-- I had to abandon a Rogue's modus operandii (stealth maneuvering and attacks) because of the issues I was having with respawns and nearby mobs attacking. I had my best success last night when I stood back and pulled by using throwing knives to aggro the enemy I wanted. The mobs running around would frequently cross paths and not wander around in an easily defined path, so there were times that even careful pulling aggroed more than one enemy. Which sucked.

  3. Both of my main characters now have six slot bags in every slot. I just look at those and am happy. One through loot drops, one because I can now make the bags.
    I got a quest reward of a loaf of freshly baked bread and some ice cold milk. I thought for a moment I had to choose between them and was so happy when I saw I got both!
    It's easy to die in a Murloc village because they're pure evil, and spawn on top of you no matter how many other people are around. In situations where you can pick what you pull, you're less likely to die.
    One thing that just thrills me is that I know I am going to out level everything, and when I do, I'm going back to complete anything that got the best of me before. Muahahaha.