Thursday, October 03, 2019

Heroic Azshara Down!

We finally got Heroic Azshara down! It's a pretty good fight. It feels crazily chaotic at first, but as you repeat it, it becomes more and more tractable. A good fight for seeing and mastering phase by phase.

It also feels like a fight where, as individuals get a handle on mechanics, especially decrees, it seems to stabilize for everyone else as well. Decrees are orders from Azshara to soak a mechanic, stay moving, stand still, group up, or be solo. Then you get 2 random ones in heroic. It's very hard at first because everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off. But then people start to move predictably, and it becomes easier for people with the more complicated combinations.


  1. Funny Enough... the same I was about to write. Gratz

  2. Heh, are you and Kaylriene in the same guild or something? Your posts were only a couple of hours apart.

    1. Just coincidence. Kaylriene's guild apparently uses a completely different strategy than we do.