Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Horrific Visions - Mad World

 I've been working on the Horrific Visions over the last week or so. Today I got the [Mad World] Feat of Strength for successfully completing both the Horrific Vision of Stormwind and Horrific Vision of Ogrimmar solo with 5 Masks!

Mount and Title Rewards above Silithus

5-Masking both Visions (in a group or solo) awards a mount, the Black Serpent of N'Zoth. 5-Masking both visions solo gives a title, the Faceless One.

I actually did Stormwind last week, adding one mask a day until I did all 5 masks on Monday. Today I tackled Ogrimmar and went straight for all 5 masks. I did both visions as Retribution with 470 average item level, though it was my Holy Gear and corruptions (Ineffable Truth!) aside from my weapon.

Some tips if you want to tackle it in the next week or two:

  • Adding one mask a run was good to get used to the vision and the path you want to run in.
  • Add the 50% less Sanity mask early. It was the third mask I tackled. Adjusting for lower Sanity is the biggest thing you need to learn, as a couple of other mechanics don't happen until low sanity, so it's good to get used to the reduced Sanity early.
  • I did it with zero net corruption. Having to deal with slows and extra circles is extra hassle.
  • Use a flask and food. I used the food which increases movement speed in Stormwind and health regen in Org. In hindsight, I probably should have used health regen in both. I wasn't used to moving so quickly in SW. Also have a stack of K'babs and use them often.
  • In Stormwind, I used the Sanity Orb before Mathias and Magister Umbric, and then before Alleria.
  • In Orgrimmar, I used the Sanity Orb before the last elites before the Lost area bosses. Pull the elites into the Sanity Orb and start damaging them before it disappears. With the extra sanity from defeating the elite, you get to the boss at max or fairly high Sanity.
  • Find the dead body near the start and identify the bad potion color. Drink all the good potions you can.
  • Find the enemy that gives a buff in the first area early, then continue to the other zones.

I found Ogrimmar harder than Stormwind, though part of it might just be unfamiliarity. I found it a lot harder to dodge or avoid a lot of the Sanity-drain mechanics in Org, and ended up having to burn my last Orb early. My guild says you can avoid a lot of them, like the Void Torrent, by stepping into the bosses hitbox, but they only told me this after the run.

In any case, I feel like I've completed all my personal goals for Battle for Azeroth with this achievement. Looking forward to Shadowlands!


  1. Gratz!

    There are some minibosses (especially in Stormwind) which you HAVE to engage under Gift if Titans to avoid massive sanity loss:

    - The inquisitor in Trade District has sanity-draining spell which he casts back-to back, and even shaman cannot interrupt all of them solo.

    - Unbound Corruption miniboss that patrols around Mage tower (I think it is actually impossible to defeat as caster class without Gift with no sanity loss, as you simply cannot stand in one place for more than a second... and if there is Leaden Feet madness, any class will lose a lot of sanity).

    - You cannot dodge the first tick of sanity loss from Armsmaster Terenson's whirlwind (unless you pull her from max range as ranged class, this way she starts whirlwinding before she reaches you)

    - In Orgrimmar, sanity loss from being thrown by voidbound berserker miniboss in Vale of Wisdom is unavoidable (and if you're thrown through Split Personality effect, you also cannot get away from his leap in time)

    1. Honestly, I didn't pay a lot of attention to Gift of the Titans. I just engaged and tried to kill them quickly. You do get a bunch of Sanity for killing them, so I relied on that to offset my losses.

      The Void Torrent was a killer for me because it was Sanity loss and knockback at the same time, and I couldn't figure out how to dodge it fully. Running around the guy a little distance a way kind of worked, but not fully.

    2. To dodge void torrent consistently, you need permanent speed increase. Shaman in the ghost wolf is the only class I've managed to do this with (so 30% increase is enough), and I suppose druid in travel form will also do it 100% reliable.

      Insectophobia adds another complication to void torrent: if you stand inside the boss to avoid void torrent and jump to shrug off the bug, void torrent WILL pick you up. But if you do not jump, you start to run involuntary (as usual with insectophobia) and also eat void torrent. So it's necessary to jump preemptively when the void torrent cast (not channel) just begins.

  2. You can also LoS the Void Torrent by using the stump. That wasn't obvious because often if you try to LoS something the attack will go through walls, etc.. :sigh:

    1. Hmm, I didn't try that, but it does make sense.