Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion

This is the first intro video for Shadowlands. I guess there will be four, introducing the main factions.

I've been trying to avoid spoilers, or indeed any information about the expansion. But it feels like Shadowlands is making it harder than normal. Maybe it's just the extensive beta, but when this video dropped, all the discussion online was full of spoilers.

In any case, the video is decent. I'm a little tired of Uther and Arthas, though, so I was not particularly thrilled to see them again. In my opinion, that story ended, and it ended well, so let it rest.

This covenant, Bastion, seems like pretty typical angels. Paint-by-numbers, really. The standard "stay on the path" and ignore warning signs hierarchy that these sorts of quasi-religious factions usually end up being, followed by one going rogue and over-zealous.

I don't know, I hope Bastion is more interesting in the actual expansion. The thing is that we're supposed to be joining these Covenants, so I think these introductory videos should show what makes the Covenant attractive. I can't see anyone actually wanting to join Bastion after this video.


  1. You know what the lead up to this expac is starting to look like? Mists of Pandaria, where everybody and their grandmother got into the beta to the point where people began unsubbing because "they saw it all" back in the beta. Subs began to plummet to the point where Blizz stopped reporting subscription numbers.

    1. Yeah. I technically have beta access too, but when I logged on I couldn't make a low level character, which is what I was interested in. The only option seemed to be actual Shadowlands contents, so I uninstalled the beta instead of getting spoiled.

    2. If you picked Torghast as your server that's the L60 testing server. The other two servers do let you start at level 1 so that folks can test Exile's Reach. (I just created a level 1 to make sure it still worked.)