Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Affectionate Memes

This whole topic of discussion is hilarious to me:

(From Reddit.)

Honestly, this is a good sign for Dragonflight. I think you see these affectionate, tongue-in-cheek memes when players are generally happy. When you have weird oddities like the Age of Mortals only lasting 10 years, but the players just roll with it.

Another example recently was from FFXIV. If you missed it, FFXIV royally screwed up the rollout of their housing lottery. YoshiP did an excellent job explaining and apologizing. (Long story short, it looks like results from one service never made it to another service. Ahh, microservices.) 

The fanbase, at least after the initial torches and pitchforks, went on to post memes like:

From Reddit. The crying elf is Francel, the NPC who was in charge of Ishgard restoration (where the the new housing is). The blue elephant is Ser Aymeric, leader of Ishgard. Not really sure why he's in a blue elephant costume, but apparently that's in-game too.

In any case, I see community memes in response to "mistakes" like these to be a good sign that the community is happy with things overall.


  1. I'd like to think the community is happy, but I also believe they've been conditioned to fight the Big Bad, the other faction, and "Save the World" in the process that something that's not that leaves some people a bit adrift.

    The entire "dragons aren't like the mortal races" thing is valid, but confusing them with merely beasts is a huge mistake. There was a reason why the Titans chose them to be stewards over creation and not any of the mortal races, and saying that they're just "highly intelligent beasts" cheapens them quite a bit. I look at it this way: no mere beast could have pulled off the deception that Onyxia did in Stormwind.

    Or, another way of looking at WoW dragons is that they're more the D&D 5e dragons but some people are stuck in an AD&D 1e thought process.

    1. Very true about the Big Bad. A lot of people had similar complaints about Mists of Pandaria, and Mists was a good expansion.

      I don't think anyone thinks of WoW dragons (at least the old adult ones) as beasts. Too many of them transform into humanoid forms, and I think that keeps us from consigning them to the beast category.

    2. I know I read at least one post where the author was complaining about dragons being beasts, now I've gotta find it. And I did hear it from one person on our server in LFG chat, so it must not be an isolated thing, either.