Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Healing Macros

I made and tested a couple of new macros tonight. I find that I am not very good about using short-cooldown trinkets and spells, and so I decided to try and come up with macros to use these automatically.

Holy Light Macro

#showtooltip Holy Light
/cast Divine Favor
/cast Divine Illumination
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Holy Light

This macro attempts to cast Holy Light(Rank 11) with both Divine Favor and Divine Illumination. I'm a Flash of Light spammer, so when I need to pull out HL11, it's usually worthwhile to pop both these cooldowns.

Flash of Light Macro
#showtooltip Flash of Light
/use 13
/use 14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/castsequence reset=10 Holy Light(Rank 5), Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light

This macro attempts to pop both my trinkets whenever I cast my Flash of Light. This ensures that I get maximum usage out of my trinkets. The castsequence is so that HL5 keeps Light's Grace up fairly often.

You can adapt this macro so it works with any spell you spam (Fireball, Sinister Strike, etc.):
#showtooltip spell
/use 13
/use 14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast spell

If you use these macros, you should go into Sound Options and uncheck Enable Error Speech. Otherwise it will drive you mad. Note that text error messages are cleared before you cast the actual spell. This is so you can see "Out of Range" or other useful errors.


Daniel said...

I think it would be a better idea to have /use trinket name rather than the trinket slot. That way if you use the healing spell while not in your healing gear you don't use whatever trinket you have in that slot instead when you didn't want to.

Thats how I have FoL setup:
#showtooltip Flash of Light
/use Lower City Prayerbook
/cast Flash of Light
/equip Blessed Book Of Nagrand

Anonymous said...

why would you pop DI and DF at the same time when you could pop DF then DI, and get an extra 2-2.5 seconds of DI?

-Agrippina, Perenolde

GSH said...

Agrippina, I probably could do that to be more efficient, but I found that I was ignoring those abilities, especially when things got dicey.

So losing out out on 2s of DI isn't that bad compared to never using it.

Also I'm not entirely sure how DI interacts with DF. It's possible you get 60% of the original cost of HL back--in which case it doesn't matter--but I'd have to check.

Anonymous said...

Why not just spam level 4 holy light period and ignore fol alltogether.

Level 4 holy light is not dominant over fol as it once was due to the downcasting nerf but it is far more mana efficient still (on anything with bol and with the kara libram).

The only time I ever use fol is on aoe damage to the dps that do not have blessing of light on them.

GSH said...

FoL is superior to HL4, even with Blessing of Light and the Kara Libram. (Actually, the Kara Libram weights toward FoL, I'm not sure why people keep invoking it as an advantage for HL4.)

FoL has a higher coefficient-per-second, so it will always beat HL4, with sufficient +heal (which I have).

If you go by Healing-per-mana, take a look at the numbers for FoL6 compared to HL4. You'll find that FoL6 is superior.

Anonymous said...

FOL has higher HPS by about 25%, but Level 4 HL is more mana efficient due to the higher crit chance.

In addition, tanks usually do not take damage faster than the 2 seconds so level 4 is indeed good enough versus flash of light.

Also, at least one heal spell every 15 seconds needs to be a holy light to keep light's grace up.

In raid healing, mana efficiency is king for most fights.

In most fights, a good paladin is mainly using various downranks of holy light with flash of lgiht really as support.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the Holy tree leans toward Holy Lights not FOL

I spam FoL On trash.
Focus HoL4 on Bosses.