Friday, August 31, 2007

Hit Rating Revisited

There have been some interesting developments in hit rating theorycraft since I posted my list of caps. According to this Elitist Jerks thread, miss rates are actually slightly higher than previously believed. The ranged/2H/specials miss rate is now thought to be 9% against raid bosses, and the dual-wield miss rate is 28%.

Weapon skill is believed to work differently as well. The first 5 points of weapon skill reduce your miss rate by 3%, and every 5 points after reduce it by 0.5%. (5 skill = -3%, 10 skill = -3.5%, 15 skill = -4%, etc.)

I'm inclined to believe these new numbers. Besides the evidence from experiments, this setup seems a little cleaner and more logical than the previous setup. I'll have to revise my list of caps slightly.


  1. I think miss % is different for different bosses and this makes it hard to get a firm number.

    Drake on Perenolde

  2. Thats very interesting. It means you need more hit rating (as a retri pally) to reach the cap, but it also means human pallys with maces/swords are even more overpowered.

    Thanks for finding this.

  3. Surely then a prot pala would need more hit rating as well Dazanna as would any melee class...

    %miss is not different for different bosses.

  4. I believe Dazanna is referring to the fact that Protection has access to Precision and Weapon Expertise.

  5. Well both prot and retri pallys will at the least be getting the precision talent unless you're running unnaturally high melee hit rating, and if you're a human you automatically get +5 skill to maces and swords, meaning a human with 8 points into prot and wielding a Stormherald will only need 3% total hit (~47.4 hit rating or so) to reach the cap. This is pretty big because it means we need much less hit rating on our gear and can focus on AP/crit/haste.