Saturday, September 27, 2008

Over the Line

I think we've finally taken the "-adin" meme to excess.

Healadin, retadin, protadin, reckadin, shieldadin, shockadin, baconadin, sheathadin, loladin, bubble-hearthadin. All those are okay.

But gorilladin is an "-adin" too far.

Edit: AMG, I can't believe I forgot "tankadin".


BRK said...

We think it's the sweetest-smelling "adin" out there, foshizzle!



Macawber said...

He'd never get away with it if gorilla didn't end in an -la.

Trollin' said...

Baconadin? Shield-Hearthadin?

No. Gorriladin is better than those.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Retardin.

(credit to athene)

Dazanna said...

Baconadin is a joke coming out of GC's (intentional?) misspelling of "Beacon" in one of the holy feedback threads a bit back.

Will Beckwith said...
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Will Beckwith said...

To me, the incredible AOE threat generation is only part of what makes a Paladin tank. Being able to generate that threat on innumerable foes while simultaneously being impervious to their onslaught is the true standard.

When your gorilla wields a shield, and blocks 90 to 100% of those incoming attacks, you may have my Tankadin's title.

BRK said...

When our Gorilla can successfully Bubble-hearth, we'll happily accept it.