Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Months Behind

I finally got my epic flying mount. It's amazingly fast. Now to work on getting a netherdrake.

I had a lot of stuff on the AH, and was hoping enough of it had sold to put me over 5200g. I logged in, picked up my gold from the AH, and realized I had 5198g. Sigh. One daily quest later, I had enough gold.


  1. Congrats.

    I cheated. I waited until I was exalted with Skyguard to buy an epic mount and only paid 5160 g total. :)

  2. Hmm...I'm exalted with the Skyguard (and Ogri'la and Shattered Sun -- I'm really bad at saving money apparently), and I could have sworn that the mounts cost 200g yesterday.

    Oh well.

  3. The important question... what color?

  4. Grats! Now you can farm really well, though I don't know why you need much gold after the mount. :)

    @rohan, mounts are cheap, training is expensive.

  5. Gratz!

    And it's never too late if it was worth it*.

    * Sorry, but I can't get this translated correctly (original: "nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena").

  6. I don't know how to phrase this without sounding like a jerk, but if you're exalted with 3 factions, how could you not already have enough gold for an epic flyer? I'm just curious as to what you've been spending all that gold on.

  7. Gratz! You'll easily farm a few thousand gold back by just doing the Netherwing dailies. :)

  8. Congrats! Should make your farming circuit a bit faster :)

    "if you're exalted with 3 factions, how could you not already have enough gold for an epic flyer?"

    I'm Exalted with 6 (almost 7)factions and still have no epic flyer :)

    I do however have full epic sets for Tanking, Retribution, PvP, and Holy. Gemming/Chanting etc all that gear left a huge hole in my pocket. Plus 3 raid nights a week leaves me a little short on cash after stocking up on the consumeables I need.

    Back up to 1k gold though now so wont be long for my epic flyer.


  9. congrats... i hope you have a gathering profession or getting that first bit of rep is gonna be horrid. but if you do all the netherwing dailies you can it takes less than a month to get the drake. not too bad really


  11. I don't know how to phrase this without sounding like a jerk, but if you're exalted with 3 factions, how could you not already have enough gold for an epic flyer? I'm just curious as to what you've been spending all that gold on.

    You know, I'm not exactly sure. Mostly raiding upkeep and repairs, keeping three armor sets gemmed and enchanted. I don't really farm or do dailies regularly, so my gold supply tends to dwindle.

    Also, I think the last time I was close to 5K, I had to buy the entire shadow resist set for Mother Shazrah in a single night. That cost me a ton of money.

  12. And THAT, Rohan is another problem with WoW PvE. The gold returns have not kept up with the repair costs.

    I can't remember if you made a point concerning that in one of your posts before. But I remember (back when lvl 60 was the max level) when raiding could nearly pay for itself provided you didn't spend 3 nights a week wiping. There was always a raid instance where you were farming for drops, you rarely died, and the gold poured in from boss kills.

    Add in the enchants and gems that you have to keep up with as you upgrade, and the cost of raiding gets pretty high; remember before we just had enchants.

  13. I was always broke in WoW...stoopid stripping blood elf chicks!!!

  14. Honestly Vaelin, I don't think it is that bad anymore. I tended to hold steady, at worst a slight drain, at best a slight gain. I just wasn't able to save a large quantity of money quickly. Add to that silly things like the Shadow Resist set, experiments like regemming my Holy set to use spell crit gems and regemming my Prot set to extreme Avoidance, the large amount of respeccing that I do, and it's not really surprising that I hadn't gotten the mount yet.

    I haven't played my paladin for 3-4 months, as I had been trying to level another one. As well, I did have 3.5K gold when I stopped playing her, so it wasn't like I was hurting for gold.

    Blizzard upped the gold dropped from raiding a while back, and it's not such a crazy drain anymore.

  15. It's probably another one of the things Blizzard fixed after I stopped playing. My casual-but-progress-oriented-guild essentially died (many quit the game) from smashing itself on the rocks of what once was WoW:TBC PvE progression (or lack thereof). I'm talking about an AQ40, starting NAXX guild before TBC.

    I'm sure you remember the time when Kara was easier than heroics and there was no badge gear. Gold upkeep was but one of the issues that they should have fixed with 2.1.

    If 2.4 was 2.0, I probably would still be playing. As it is, I'm trying to figure out if I want to start again... I should probably just wait until 3.4 - when the expansion will finally be out of beta (sadly). :)

    All that said, I was able to get my epic flying mount... however much of the progress was made after I stopped raiding.

  16. WoW! congrats!

    I don't think I will have the stamina to get that much gold together myself, but I can dream.

  17. Congrats! My pally (who's been 70 since earlier this year) just got hers Sunday. After I got up to about 4700g, a couple of my guildies gave me the last of what I needed and now I have my pretty, *fast* Swift Purple Gryphon. :)