Thursday, February 02, 2006

Being Ganked in Towns

Alhough Coriel is on a PvE server, I started playing on a PvP server. I still maintain a couple of Horde alts on a PvP server which I play from time to time.

I do not engage in a lot of world PvP. Personally, I never saw much point in attacking someone who was lower level than you, and if she's higher than you, it's silly to attack as you're going to die. (The few times I have fought someone around my level were a lot of fun, though.) I don't really mind if someone ganks me as I'm adventuring. That's the price of being on a PvP server, and part of the fun.

What I do mind, however, is a 60 rogue de-cloaking inside one of my towns (Tarren Mill, Sun Rock Retreat, etc.) and killing me. Your towns should be a bit of a safe haven in the wilderness. Sure, there are guards, but they do nothing against sneaking rogues.

So what I propose is that the guards get dogs. Dogs which can scent the stealthed rogue and raise the alarm. This seems like a change that is in character for the game. Guard dogs make logical sense. Perhaps you could have a guard and dog patrol the town, forcing a stealthed rogue to time his movements to avoid the patrol.

(If, upon spotting the rogue, the dog went all Beastial Fury, I wouldn't complain. That would probably be excessive though.)

Guard Dogs. A change the towns in Azeroth need.

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