Monday, March 27, 2006

Guild Karma

I was in a raiding guild for a while. It had just started up with a new server, and we had progressed quite fast through Molten Core (3 weeks to Ragnaros). One thing about this guild was that we had a *lot* of paladins. We had 14 paladins on the roster, and on one great raid we took 8 of them to Molten Core! Paladins were the one class that generally had excess people online when it came to raids. It was fun times.

The loot system we had was really good, where you could blind-bid DKP on items you wanted, with no class restrictions. Of course, most of us were new to the Core, so we saved our DKP for our set pieces and healing weapons. I did bid small amounts on crazy weapons, just in case the warriors were unwilling to spend DKP on them. By and large, I felt the system worked, and trusted us to make good decisions on gear.

I left the guild two weeks ago. We had just subdued Majordomo Executus, and were on our way to spawn Ragnaros. The guild leader (a DPS warrior) announced that any 2H weapons that Rag dropped would be exclusive to warriors, as they could get the greatest use out of them. I was very unhappy about changing the loot system in the middle of a raid, especially as I really liked the previous system, so I left the guild the next day.

Today I saw a post by my old guild on the realm message boards. They were trying to recruit paladins.

You reap what you sow.


  1. I see more and more posts from guilds looking for paladins because of stupid rules like this. Given the population decline of Paladins in general, some guilds may find it's lack of paladins not priests keeping them out of core.

  2. I play a 60 Resto Shaman that is now raiding Molten Core. We've gotten Rag down to 40% or so on our third try.

    I helped put together our loot distribution table. All the officers of the guild had input. I guess it wasn't too bad because the guild didn't complain too much, :), after we posted it.

    Being a Resto Shaman I'm very aware of the requirements of the different talent builds. We tried to take care of Feral Druids and Rogues, Enhancement Shamans and the Arms/Fury Warriors. Tanks, and Shadow Priests, etc. So far it's worked. No complaints. (Oh, the mages howl when an Elemental Shaman gets a shot at the Talisman of Ephemeral Power, and has the DKP to win it! But fair is fair and he is up there on the DPS chart. And if they'd really wanted it they should have bid more DKP. That's what bidding is! :) )

    Anyway, in our guild, The Eye of Sulfuras is reserved for Enhancement Shamans, then Warriors, then Druids. (Of course, not many Shamans raid with an Enhancement build. They do what they can to contribute to the raid success. Mana Tide Totems and healing (I'm 1st or 2nd on the healing charts), or the Elemental DPS are more useful to the raid.)

    I need to wait for Finkle's Lava Dredger to drop.

    How the loot table is prioritized should be set before the raid. And used. Changing the rules on you mid-raid is like ninja looting. If the Hand of Ragnaros were my goal, and I just had the possibility to get the Eye yanked out from under me at Rag's doorway, I'd have /gquit and hearthed out.

    (Though I can't imagine it. Our guild is a pretty darn cool group to be with.)

    Hope the Eye of Sulfuras drops for you soon.

  3. The part that creates drama with loot tables is that "pure" classes expect hybrids to give up something but never want to give up something of thiers. And loot tables make assumptions about playstyle that just don't make sense.

    I'll use Finkle's as an example. We finally saw one drop and every one assumed that all of the Paladins (3) and all of the druids (3) would roll on it. It came very close to being D/Ed. The druid that did pick it up, picked it up for an FR set item rather then a main use item. The druids didn't want it because it didn't suit thier healing styles due to the lack of +healing. The Paladins didn't want it because we can get better stats going sword and board. But very often I see it as the only two hander Paladins can roll on.

  4. Hmm that really sucks. Hope you find a better guild.

    Most of the warriors in my guild are protection so most of the 2 handers that drop actually go to pallies.